10 Marketing Ideas for Your Own Website

Having a website is not enough unless thousands of potential and real users visit your site on an hourly basis because websites are all about having traffic on it.

It doesn’t matter that you have an e-commerce website, a platform for services or just a blog to highlight information, traffic is necessary or else you neither get money through ads and not, of course, the customers. For traffic you need marketing, but website marketing is different than print media marketing because you cannot simply put so much into money to make ads by taking people into your contents. So, the question is what are how of marketing for a website to gain tons and tons of traffic and to answer this question here I am bringing 10 Marketing Ideas for Your Website:

Focus On Search Engine Optimization Team And Techniques:

First and foremost thing in this regarding is of course SEO, search engine optimization. If you are a novice user and don’t know what exactly SEO is and how it works, let me help you with that. Well, Search engine optimization often abbreviated as SEO is a set of tools and techniques that help us find the right thing to post on the website at the right time. It tells you the trends of people on the internet and allows you to use the trend and get people to see you. It helps you to find keywords that work as the best marketing tool to make your contents appearing in search engines again and again. An automated website builder like hPage.com where you can create a free website can be a great help in this situation.

Market Website by Using Different Social Media Platforms:

Secondly, as the websites are huge, hence SEO is not the only thing here to help you. You need to reach more and more people in less time so you will have to use every medium that can bring traffic. Social media is a powerful source to get people to know you faster and quicker. Hence, the second thing you will use is social media platforms. What you will do in this regard is make pages and accounts on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Use the name of your business. Now post regular interesting and worth watching content there and see people following you. You can also run paid ads there to market your website even faster.

Bring Best, New, and Unique Content for Search Engines:

Well, search engine marketing and social media marketing is going to bring traffic on your website only once, but it is your content that will impress the user and enforce him to visit you again and again. Therefore, the contents you upload on websites should be unique, new, interesting and not copied from anywhere else. It doesn’t matter that your website uses written or pictorial contents; these are must to be unique and interesting. You can higher paid content makers in this regard. However, try to avoid using the software in this regard because the machine wrote and human written contents are way different.

Brand Your Website to Create Hype in Heads of Your Customers:

Moving on, once you have started getting people to see you, now it is time that you identify your website as a brand. By doing so, you will be playing with the psyche of your visitors that they are visiting a mature platform. This thing will create the impact of your brand and your website in the mind of your visitors. To create the brand you need to get a special logo, some slogans, signatures to use in each email and post, etc. Make sure to create a pictorial logo professionally because it is going to remain in the conscious of your users forever. Whenever you see a yellow M letter, it reminds you of McDonald’s. So you see this is how the brand image works.

Internal and External Linking of Your Website in Various Posts:

Furthermore, when you have got contents, a brand name, visitors, and traffic, now to gain more traffic, you will do on page and off page SEO. By on page SEO, I mean linking various pages on your website with each other. Here, you will grip an impacting line and hyperlink it with interesting content on another page. Well, marketing is all about keeping a visitor busy on your website for as long as you can. Hence this external and internal linking will help you do that. Also, you can ask to post blogs on other websites with links of your website to draw traffic.

Get Your Website Indexed by Big Search Engines including Google:

There is a tool offered by many search engines including Google, Yahoo, and Bing, etc. This tool helps your website to index faster in the search engines. These are paid tools however very impacting to work and generate traffic. It is not an easy thing to index a website hence using a tool in this regard will be a wise move. All you have to do is submit your content to search engines and if these are interesting enough search engines will index your website.

Use Google Local Business Tool to Gain Traffic of Potential Local Customers:

Last but not least, another tool exclusively for e-commerce websites is Google local business. This tool helps you to find traffic, visitors, and customers from the local markets. This tool allows you to gain potential traffic, the users who have a history of buying the same products online that you are offering. So, if you will show your products in an overwhelmingly impressive way, they will surely get the traffic on your website.

So. these are some of the easy to follow yet most impacting ways to get traffic on your website. These are legal ways of marketing your website. If you use these tools in the right manner within three to four months period, you will see that not only your website is indexing, but you are getting enough customers and visitors from local and global markets. We hope the information will come handy.

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