4 Questions Asked About Winter Tyres

Naveed Ganatra

Is it about to hit +7°C and likely to drop even more? Don’t wait any further to be stuck in a snowstorm to fit your winter tyres. You know what’s the best rule to follow regarding winter tyres? It’s time to change for winter tyres when the temperature goes below +7°C. Apart from these, there are few questions regarding the winter tyres that will be of great help for you. Let’s delve in further;

Why is it Important to Change tyres in the October to February?

Because there happen to be considerable seasonal temperature drop at some part of the world. Therefore, it’s imperative to change from summer to winter tyres in that time as it will help you keep up with a smoother and safe drive. Keeping in mind the way summer tyres are manufacture, these tyres become considerably less performance when the average exterior temperaturedrops below +7°C. Especially winter tyres are manufactured with the special type of rubber compounds that remain soft under the low temperature providing optimal performance.

When to Run Winter Tyres?

When you feel that the winter is most likely to go abruptly harsher and the weather is going increasingly unpredictable, just go for the set of winter tyre to help you with the safe drive and traction. In order to avoid any of these rules, the experts and manufacturers are simply crammed out one golden rule. Just change from summer to winter tyres when the temperature hits either +7°C or drop even further.

Is it Necessary to have your Car Wear Winter Tyres?

Regardless of whether you are using Brand tyre in Dubai or not, it’s still important for the car owners to use the winter tyres in such snowy weather. Although, winter tyres are not legal requirements in many countries but you must have them place in your call if you live in a remote area that experiences severe weather conditions. On the other side, it’s important to have them fitted in your car during several winter months. In case you are a passionate road tripper and intending to cross the borders, just check the rules and regulations before that.

How to Choose winter Tyres?

You need to consider 3 things in order to better decide what type of winter tyres will be most suitable to your requirements;

Driving Conditions: The way your drive is what puts in considerably to the decision of which tyre you should choose. For instance; you usually drive under unpleasant winter conditions like ice or now, you must choose the one that help you enjoy a comfortable, save and precise driving experience.

Car Model: The choice of tyre will also depend upon the type of vehicle you have like SUV, Sports and etc. Keeping in mind the brand of your car along with its engine and range, you will have to choose the set that’s the perfect fit for you vehicle.

Wheel Size: Obviously! This can’t be overlooked regardless of which Brand tyre you choose to buy. Just pick the best quality tyres so that they last longer and you don’t have to spend money on winter tyre every year.


Do you have many questions about the winter tyres? Just check out the article now.

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