5 Reasons Why LED TV is Better than an LCD One

While buying a television, a lot of people get confused easily. It is mainly because there are so many different options available that choosing best-LED TV for your home becomes difficult. However, one question that has always intrigued buyers is whether an LED TV is better or an LCD one.

Most of us struggle to understand the difference between a LED TV and an LCD TV. However, the difference is not that significant. There are only a few quality features, along with minor technology changes that produce current generation LED TVs.

If you have been struggling with a similar question, then here is an article that can prove to be helpful.

This write-up will tell you why an LED TV has the upper hand compared to an LCD one. Hence, reading this article will help you make a sound choice about your purchase decision.

1. Picture quality

One of the first things that set an LED TV apart from an LCD one is the picture quality. LED TVs are based on light emitting diodes, which is why their picture quality is always superior. It is also the more current technology used for creating television screens compared to LCD.

Overall, both LCD and LED TVs are based on liquid crystal display, but the placement of backlight makes a major difference. In LCD TV, the backlight is placed behind the screen. Therefore, if you want to enjoy superior visual quality in your television then considering a LED TV is a much better option.

2. Dimensions 

Although there is no major difference between the dimensions of LED and LCD TV, there are certain features that you can still see. One of them is that the thickness of an LED TV is usually less than an LCD one. It is because the placement of backlight in an LED TV is around the corners.

It reduces the thickness of the screen, significantly making it feel less bulky. Overall, an LED TV has a sleek and modern look compared to an LCD television. Besides, due to this, the weight of an LED TV is also significantly lower than the other options available.

3. Screen size

If you are someone who loves a big screen television, then also an LED TV might be the right choice. When it comes to screen size, LED technology has a more wide range of options available. In other words, you will be able to find an LED TV of large size easily compared to an LCD one.

It goes for all the different brands available in India. Besides, the viewing angle of an LED TV is better compared to LCD as well. It gives you more flexibility to place the television as per your preference without compromising on the visibility. It is an important point while considering to ‘wall mount’ the TV.

4. Gaming mode

The next thing on our list, which gives an LED TV an upper hand, is the gaming mode. We all love to play games on big screens, and when the visual display is lifelike, the experience reaches another level altogether.

If you believe in the same concept, then an LED TV will give you a pure gaming experience compared to the LCD. Since the picture quality of an LED TV is better, the gaming display is also more lifelike. Hence, you can now forget about playing games on your smartphone and enjoy the same on your LED TV.

5. Energy efficiency

The final thing that will definitely make you fall in love with LED TVs is the energy efficiency factor. These televisions consume less power compared to LCD TVs, which makes them a good choice for your home.

They are also not that expensive compared to LCD TVs even though they have more current technology. What’s more, they also have an increased life span compared to other options available, which will give you the true worth of your money. Since now you know why an LED TV is better, you can go on to purchase the best LED TV with the help of the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network. The Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card allows you to break down the total cost of your TV into monthly EMI. It can be done when you swipe it at a partner store.

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