7 Money Making Jobs for Writers

Writing is a hobby for some people. They like to let the words flow and get everything to be explained through words.Be it feelings, emotions or some message they take everything to be expressed through words and their ability is so amazing that they make other people to be persuaded through it.Have you ever wondered what these people have in special? Well, these people have the love for writing and at times these people make this hobby or love to be turned into their job. Here are some money making jobs for people who are in love with writing.

  1. Article writers

The easiest or the most common thing a writer can do to earn money is to write articles or blogs. Blogging could be done on random topics from the current trends to anything that you like to write about. Your ability to write blogs and articles could make you contributor at different sites that will give you a handsome amount of money to write for them and keep their website to be active.

  1. Affiliate writers

Most people don’t know what affiliate writing is. People assume that blogging is it and that is all writer could do but in this world of marketing people need affiliate writing as well. Companies hire writers who can directly or indirectly market their firms through blogs or articles. This gives the benefits to companies who market themselves in lower costs and give the writers an opportunity to earn money from writing.

  1. Wiki writers

Wikipedia which is one of the most viewed websites could also become a platform that can make you earn money through writing. Wiki writers are people who write content for Wikipedia pages and make money through it. They could write about clients and projects to make their page to be published on the Wikipedia.These writers although require a number of different things from the other writers such as they must be able to write formally. Writing formally could be a difficult task but wiki writers need to get this ability as well as they must know about Wikipedia guidelines and requirements to increase their worth.

  1. Proofreader

With excellent writing skills and the ability to assess you can also become a proofreader. Proofreader does not write but makes the writing to be improved and assessed with respect to different aspects. These proofreaders have an amazing scope in the market. This job could bring a respectable income for people. But proofreading is not as easy as people think. It requires excellent grammar, writing skills, and other abilities related to the linguistics to become a proofreader. People assume that it could be easy to just read something and point the mistakes out but it isn’t what it looks like.

  1. News Reporter

News reporting is although about journalism but writers do also have a scope in this field. News reporting requires to be good with words and making instant reactions to a number of things which gives writers a chance to pursue their career in this context as well.These news reporters need to have creativity in their writing in order to make it attractive as their utmost priority is to catch the attention of people.

  1. Advertising copywriter

Have you ever seen an advertisement that does not say anything? Well, you might not have seen any such thing and this is what the writer can also do. Advertisements require writers who get companies some catchy and amazing lines or phrases for their advertisements. This requires the writer to have creativity and amazingness in their writing and people who are good at it could become the advertising copywriters. These people are paid with higher wages than many of the other marketing personnel. Their ability to write creatively is the only thing that makes them fit for the job of advertising copywriter and any person with this ability could become one.

  1. Social media manager

Social media is the ultimate platform that is used by everyone in the current times. This has brought another opportunity for the writers. Marketing and communications have become a common thing that is expected through these mediums and people who are good at writing can do it proficiently for companies and projects.These social media managers could be counted in marketing professionals but the most important ability that they require is writing and this is another way that your writing hobby could be turned into a job.

People in the past thought writers are just people who have nothing to do with professionalism but the times have changed and now writers have become an important part of the business world. From web content to marketing and everything related to getting things to be communicated to others now to depend on content which requires writers and thus this is a career that many of the people are choosing now.

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