7 Most Haunted Place in Shimla

Shimla is known for its beauty, for its admirable views but along with the lofty peaks, rich views, snowy mountains Shimla also comes with something else! Ghosts! Yes, Shimla’s ghosts stories are quite known and they are also recorded in books. Being a hill station from Britishers time, surely Shimla witness every minute thing so having supernatural powers is relatable.

Well, life and death is a part of this world and nobody can escape from that fact! Some believe in God, others do not likewise some people believe in spirits while other do not. It’s all in the circle, but if you are  moved with the horror stories and want to explore more then you just need to read the below things.

1. House of dukhani

Dukhaniis a beautiful house built on the peak of Shimla’s mountain. The story falls in the place where we get to know that the house is haunted. Many of times a ghost is seen in a gown. The story is of Britisher’s era when a man wearing his gown, shot himself!

2. Indira  Gandhi medical college, Lakkar bazaar

This medical college situated in lakkar bazaar which is one of the most visited places in shimla for every type of shopping. Indira Gandhi medical college is one of the known medical institutes not only in Shimla but in whole Himachal Pradesh not only for medical treatments but for horror stories as well. Everyone there patients, teachers, families, etc. have witnessed the ghosts and mysterious activities in lifts, corridors and rooms. Besides the spooking activities there are many other factors too that the people witnessed here like getting a strong push from the back while using the stairs. People believe that the spirits of the people who died in the hospital.

3. Charleville Mansion

The mansion is 100 years old house that was again built during Britisher’s era. It was in the news that a man named Victor Bayley lived there with his spouse. However, they never witnessed anything spooky but one night they were out for a casual party, their domestic help saw something very usual. He saw that a man is going through the doors and walking on walls as it was a ghost! Victor Bayley left the house immediately with his wife. Now a days, the mansion is purchased by an Indian and he has refurbished the whole house but still, we get the news that usual things are still seen there.

4. Convent of Jesus and marry

An educational institute is famous for its haunted stories. We cannot judge which one is correct but something is definitely not fine there. One of the stories falls into pieces about one Friday night, the 13th. Where one headless man comes on a white horse and offers flowers to a girl.If a girl accepts his flowers, he takes away the girl with him. But if a girl doesn’t accepts the flower, she is then killed.

Convent of Jesus and marry

Another story cones from the realism, that back 20 years ago, the place was an orphanage and suddenly the whole area caught up in fire. The current play area is the place where children were buried. Many people saw the ghost of a young girl who keeps asking for the doll.

5. The Chudail Baudi

This street lies between Shimla parkway and Chotta Shimla. It is accepted that the speed of vehicles consequently backs off when going through this street. Local claim that a lady wearing white ask for a lift and she sits in the vehicle regardless of whether her solicitation is turned down. She at that point, always gazes at the driver and occupies them. A few mishaps revealed in the region have accused this lady as the prime reason.

6. Tunnel 33, Barog

The story of the captain is very common and popular among those people who are interested in keeping the records of india’s haunted place or those who know Shimla from the depth or who are regular tourists. Captain Barogwas a British engineer who was given a project to build a tunnel enrouting Shimla and Kalka. For some reasons,he could not perform the task satisfactory as per the expectation and faced a personal humiliation. Deprived, of this, he was very upset and thereby committed suicide at the tunnel site. Over the years, people have witnessed a man walking on the railway track at night and then just disappearing in the thin air.

7. Kingal Shimla Road

You will be surprised to know that there are some strange lightening happens at 2am every night.Local people accept that the weird lighting may be caused because of a spirit. Be that as it may, it is as yet not known whether this is a logical marvels or a supernatural incident. These were the top most haunted places of Shimla. Well, there are more others but these are beloved to be the most haunted cases of all the time. People here genuinely fear to travel from these places in the night alone.  Are you creeped out? If you really want to see or feel the spirits you can visit any of the places above.

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