9 Tactics to Increase App Downloads for Less

Customs requisition is the biggest challenge for app marketers. As per the latest survey report by Statista, the number of apps available for download is 2.47 million on Google Play Store, and around 1.8 million on the Apple App Store. Hence, the biggest aim for the keen and best mobile app developers is to attract their target audience and win the consumer from their rivals in the market.

Opportunely, the marketers have multiple options to attract and encourage more users to download their apps. But they never go with tactics, although they get their targeted audience by providing best application development services in India as well as 80+ countries. Here, we will discuss the best 9 Tactics to Increase App Downloads for Less. These will help you boost your marketing strategy and measure growth.

  • App Store Optimization
App Store Optimization

One of the simplest yet crucial ways to encourage the app download is App Store Optimization or ASO. Don’t forget that it requires a continuous effort to achieve success. Though the app store ranking factors include metadata, like keyword, meta-description, review, rating, etc., ASO is more than these. It is also important to understand how keywords rank and which keywords are best to insert. In case, A/B Tasting also helps you identify the best app store assets that describe your app best.

Measure the Metrics of –

  • Keyword Ranking
  • App Store Impressions
  • App Download Counts
  • User Rating with Reviews
Write a Review

Improved visibility of your app across the app stores is an essential part of your app download marketing effort. While user ratings attract new, potential customers, verified user reviews increase the chance of app download by most of the new visitors. Further, survey reports show people depend on the words instead of stars only.

Additionally, customer reviews also indicate the relevance and quality of the potential downloaders of your app. It helps new viewers to find your app helpful and relevant to them and increases engagement. Not only that, but any complaint from your user and your quick response to it also makes the new viewers gain trust in your brand, which inspires more app downloads.

Measure the Metrics of –

  • Total Reviews Written
  • Total of the Top Reviews
  • Ensure Your App Runs Flawless

If you get complaints from your early users of finding issues with your app, respond to them quickly, and make sure your developers fix the problems promptly so your app can run flawlessly.

Though we suggest you take a proactive approach, like Compatibility Testing, Installation Testing, Interruption Testing, Localization Testing, Performance Testing, Usability Testing, Conformance Testing, etc., so the developers can recognize any potential bug and resolve them before you launch the app, and the newly launched app won’t face many issues. 

Measure the Metrics of –

  • App Crash Rate & User Complaint
  • User Retention rate
  • Motivate for Referrals

Referrals are crucial to promoting quality, importance, and assurance that, in turn, help increase the download rates of your app. You can offer a lucrative incentive or best deals to your existing users for their referrals to their contacts.

Measure the Metrics of –

  • Number of In-App Referrals
  • Total Downloads from Referrals
  • Content Can Help in Promotion

Content is crucial everywhere. Relevant and engaging content is essential to promote your app and reach more potential downloaders. You can share online articles, sponsored content, video content, infographic, social media hype posts, and other forms of content to promote your app in front of a more extensive user base. But before creating content, make sure to identify the reading habit of your target audience. You can also promote top-rated user reviews to serve the purpose. Visual content is an excellent alternative to boost gaming app downloads.

Measure the Metrics of –

  • Organic Referrals
  • Social Shares
  • Search Ranking
  • User Engagement on Social Platforms
Social Platform

While good content powers your social media presence, developing it strong is your further strategy to extend your reach and introduce your app to new potential downloaders.

As the target audience may spend more time on a particular social platform over another, you need to pay attention to the targeted user demographics to identify their social channel preference.

Also, remember to do more than just sharing sales pitches. Prompt response to your followers, asking them to share their opinions, as well as sharing relevant yet interesting stories would draw the interest of the viewers.

Measure the Metrics of –

  • Follower Count
  • Follower Engagement
  • Social Shares
  • Influencer and Community Outreach

A social media influencer with established credibility can influence the buying patterns of your target audience. Hence, product reviews from such experts not only induce added promotion but also introduce more trustworthiness of your app.

You can run thorough research to pick a suitable influencer within your community and build a useful business for your brand promotion to boost your app downloads.

Measure the Metrics of –

  • Engagement on Social Platforms
  • Total Organic Referrals
  • Social Mentions
  • Search Engine Ranking
  • Measure the Metrics, Analyze Data, Optimize Further

Unquestionably, it is necessary to analyze how users are interacting with your app regularly. It helps you to make sure that the app users remain occupied. It also assists you in recognizing if the users are successfully utilizing the app the way it was meant to be applied; if there is any hurdle preventing you from monetizing your app.

Measure the Metrics of –

  • Single Session Length
  • User Retention Rate
  • App Uninstallation Rate
  • Put Mobile-Best Foot Forward

As the app stores are growing more saturated, and the app design industry is shifting toward the merging of mobile web and mobile apps, it is necessary to analyze how your brand renders across various channels instead of concentrating on just web or on the app. Therefore, it is more than just marketing and being able to measure the performance of your apps too.

Measure the Metrics of –

  • Web & App Engagements
  • New User Registrations
  • Purchases
  • Return on Ad Investment

The users have a plethora of options to pick from, while they are searching for entertainment or help in doing a specific task. Hence, learn and apply the right tactics and tech stack to put your brand at the front of the showcase. Share your story of how your app became one of the most loved and downloaded by the target users below. Become an inspiration for all who are trying to take a leap in the industry.

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