A Completely Different Night in Goa

The beach where we were traveling for almost an hour was as quiet yet we can feel its presence through the sweet and fragile breeze. This beach is famous with a name Baga. I don’t know why they call with this name, but what we were witnessing that time was also the peculiar one. You will never find Baga beach as quiet as it was then.

Baga beach is known for its enthusiastic nightlife and the parties that continue dusk to dawn and vice versa. That time, it was all settled, though we can apprehend little screams, people were celebrating from distant.

We were enjoying the calmness and the half-moon that seems different from our hometown. People call Goa a place for party and enjoyment. We were enjoying something that was extremely opposite. We were in the serenity of that place, sitting beside the sea that desperately wants to reach us, and we were watching her desperation.

Indeed, we were hungry but I did not want to leave that place. I ignored my hunger, pulled out a journal from my canvas bag, and started capturing everything into my wobble words. Soon, we all decided to leave that place for the dinner, and determined would come back.

We left the beach around 9 o’clock at night and reached a local restaurant that profoundly serving western-influenced dishes. I was a vegetarian and for me, there were just a few options. Rather choose something heavy, I concluded to just a sandwich.

The restaurant was crowded with the tourists across the world. I was noticing a couple somewhere from the north- India, excited and enjoying themselves somewhere far from their home; carelessly as their needs and safety had been taking care of. They must have opted for Goa tour packages for a couple.

Everyone in that place was enjoying their vacation – I have never seen that amount of people happily enjoying their days at one place. It was enjoying indeed.

Soon, we canceled our visit to the beach and decided to explore the local market. It was Saturday Night Bazaar at Arpora. It was stated on its welcome gate – “Saturday Nite Bazaar: where shopping, fun, food, entertainment, and music never end”.

Soon, our regret come to an end when we saw it was not a usual market. There was a parade of antiques, carpets, spices, clothes, and accessories. Personally, I love boutiques and this place was heaven for me. Unfortunately, we have spent most of our money that we were carrying in the restaurant, but we came back with many things in the best deals possible.

At night, when I was in the bed, I realized I was experiencing this place in an unexpected way. I was calmer than ever, and this place was proved as life-changing.

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