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If you are planning on an investment in Dubai’s real estate market, you’ll be overwhelmed with a huge array of options and coming to a final decision will be more of a headache for you. However, if there is one community that stands out among the rest for its luxury lifestyle and some of the most attractive villas for sale in Arabian Ranches, Dubai, it’s Arabian Ranches. You may find the rents and prices of luxury villas in this part of the Emirate to be a bit on the higher side but all your money will be well worth it should you choose to buy a home or an investment property here.


What Kind Of Properties To Expect In Arabian Ranches?

Arabian Ranches is the premium development in the suburbs of Dubai that consists of villa and townhouse communities. There are basically 12 different phases or communities that make this prime development and all of them are equipped with all the life luxuries that you might have expected in such premium living experience. From community halls to amazing shopping and dining opportunities, you can find everything in close vicinity within this gated community. Furthermore, the villas and townhouses are spacious, well-architected, and present stunning views of the Championship Golf Club to actually make for a luxury experience. The buyers can compare this luxury community with others in Dubai with the likes of Damac Hills, Ranches Phase 2 and Mudon. However, remember that it actually take things up a notch and is considered among most high-priced communities in Dubai.


What’s The General Price Range?

The price ranges vary depending on the properties you are looking at and the location where you intend to buy. However,here are general price ranges which depict the average price at which you might be able to own a property in Arabian Ranches.

  • 2-Bed Townhouses

A 2-bed townhouse in Arabian Ranches can best be bought at Palmera or Al Reem. If you want to buy a property in Al Reem – one of the most desirable communities in Arabian Ranches –you can expect the transaction prices to stay between 1.7M – 1.9M AED. These townhouses can also be availed on rent with the rental prices ranging between 120 – 135000 AED annually.

As forPalmera, a similar property is transacted on average between 2.0M – 2.3M. If you opt for a type B townhouse with a larger space on offer, you can expect these prices to rise to somewhere around 2.5M – 2.7M AED. The rent prices in this community remain at 125000 – 155000 AED annually.

  • 3-Bed Townhouses

If you’re looking for a bigger 3-bed townhouse space, you can buy one in Al Reem, Almas and Palmera communities. You can expect the transaction values to change based on status, type and location and it will range between 2.2M – 3.4M AED. On the other hand, if you’re interestedin renting then your budget should be between 140000 – 200000 AED annually.

  • 3-Bed Villas

Some popular communities in Arabian Ranches including Saheel, Alvorado, and Savannah offer 3-bed villas to the investors. Even though they’re all great, but if you consider the layout then Alvorado units would be the best pick. For 3-bed villas, you can expect the prices to go as high as 3.4M – 4.2M AED. However, rental prices can range between 185000 – 230000 AED annually.

  • 4-Bed Villas

Communities like Mirador, Al Hara, Alvorado and Terra Nova give you access to 4-bed villas in Arabian Ranches. You can buy independent units for anywhere between 4.2M – 5.1M AED. For those looking to rent a high-end villa, they should be ready to pool out 215000 – 250000 AED annually.

  • 5-Bed Villas

Ranches will give you a true sense of luxury with these amazing 5-bed villas available in Mirador, Savannah, Saheel, Alvorado, Al Mahra and Terra Nova communities. Sales prices can be expected to go high up to 4.5M – 6.2M AED whereas the rental ranges are 230000 – 300000 AED annually.

Arabian Ranches – Dubai presents great investment opportunities to both seasoned investors and those looking for a luxury family home. The properties are just amazing and will offer every life luxury you can expect.

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