Chronic Insomnia Treatment

You may find out that there are numerous types of sleep disorders that will tend to deprive you from sleeping but insomnia is the most common among them.

Despite the fact that people have known the basic form of insomnia, they still tend to be ignorant about the difference between the basic and the chronic type.  The main and obvious difference between the two is that chronic insomnia is a type that will never stop and can disturb your life for the rest of it if untreated.

Melatonin has been sought of as the reason behind insomnia because it has been seen to have abnormal activities in a person who suffered from insomnia.  It is a hormone that is propagated by the pineal gland. Furthermore, there are also other types of stress hormones that are known to be the root cause of chronic insomnia.

You may not be aware of it but there is still a possibility that even your growth hormones are causing instability to your system. Because of numerous speculations, it is important that you consult our doctor so he can assess you on what is really causing your chronic insomnia or if you really have one.


There are millions of people all over the world that suffers this condition and as a matter of fact some still do not know that they have such. Although you can use sleeping pills and it can help you feel a lot better but the main reason of this immediate search is to make it certain that your condition will not further worsen to the point where it can’t be curable.

Your doctor will definitely suggest simpler methods first to cure your insomnia.  A soothing bath and drinking a cup of tea are the usual suggestions of doctors that are also effective and are quite easy to prepare.  These simple treatments are worth the try not only because they are promoted by your doctor but mainly because this is you’re only chance of having relief from your insomnia, while not paying too much in hospital bills.

And if you still do not experience any improvement in your insomnia by using natural and alternative means, you should start taking pills that your doctor suggested.  But then again, you should always keep in mind that no matter what you and your doctor decided in terms of your insomnia medication, you should be fair to the medicine and give it some time to work.  This is because these kinds of medicines will usually manifest their effects after six weeks.

There are some people who tend to be so impatient that they stop after a few days of taking a certain medicine without any visible effect.  You should wait at least six weeks for the medicine to completely work into your system. Be aware that there are even some cases when your situation will worsen during the initial days of your medication.

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