Explore Your Creative Capabilities: Top Five Android Apps for Designing

After starting out in the form of traditional hand-drawn drawings, illustrations have come a long way. These drawings are now being designed and rendered using digital tools and it is certainly a great advancement, however, this has caused an upsurge in competition as every passionate out there intends to become a digital illustrator.

From contemporary mythical drawings to artistically hand-drawn animals, you must have noticed that the demand for professional animal illustrators for hire has increased to an extent as well. If you intend to take your passion to a professional level and you hope to turn it into something that proves to be lucrative then for starters, you can always start learning digital art on your Smartphone as it is the most optimized and feasible option.

Here are the top five Android apps that can be used for illustration creation:

Infinite Design

It is certainly difficult to find an alternative to Adobe’s software programs and tools but Infinite Design is a digital design app that is up to the level of Adobe Illustrator Draw. The core foundation of this app is based on the concept of infinite canvas. With such a canvas, you are allowed to create your design by adding multiple layers, paths and it even contains the option of unlimited undo and redo. It does not only work for 2D art as you can even design 3D art and shapes using the app’s detailed perspective guide.

Adobe Illustrator Draw

We mentioned already that the infinite Design app is similar to Adobe Illustrator Draw but this Adobe app still holds an upper hand. This app is now available on both the Android and iOS app platforms as well as integration with Apple Pencil support for iPad. Containing five different sorts of pen tips with resizing options, you are able to work on multiple layers at once. Just like every other Adobe product, Creative Cloud Subscription also supports Illustrator Draw therefore, you can export your Photoshop or Illustrator files to this app without any hindrances.

Adobe Photoshop Mix

Another great find developed by Adobe, Photoshop Mix can be the right choice if you are merging two pictures together. Once that is done, you can enhance its effects by adding filters or simply by making tweaks to the image contrast, opacity or the color palette. The best part is that it comes with a non-destructive editing tool that does not alter the original image content in any form. Since it is owned by Adobe, you can use it along with your Creative Cloud subscription and open your Photoshop files in the app itself.

Autodesk Sketchbook

While most digital design apps are either costly or contain in-app purchases but Autodesk Sketchbook is a free-to-use app that contains most of the innovational tools that purchasable apps or programs have. You can render 3D designs along with 2D static visuals using Sketchbook and that is what makes it the most commonly used photo-editing app for both the Android and the IOS devices. It probably contains the most extensive set of brushes that range to 170 fully customizable brush sets that have different styles and forms.


Used mostly by novice designers, ArtFlow offers you with an extremely basic interface that contains a comprehensive range of features and editing tools. It covers most of the essential and basic tools new designers needs so ArtFlow is always the right choice to start from. However, the user-friendliness of this app does not make it straightforward. You would still have to practice and get a better grip on the editing tools if you intend to use this app in the long run. 

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