Foods That Provides Good Business for the Suppliers in Cold & Flu Season

The truth is undeniable that the food is far better than medicines. Food provides us with more energy and nutrition if we compare it with the benefits that medications offer. There is a certain diet substance that provides us with extra benefit and helps in the recovery of the sickness. Because of such positive effects on the body, there are so many large food suppliers around the world get the business by supplying certain foods to the buyers around the world, in the season when cold and flu stays at the peak.

Some of the food including fruits, vegetables, and other protein nutrients that has the highest purchasing rate in the cold & flu season are discussed below. These eatables are very beneficial for health and curing up the cold & flu more effectively than medicines, and it also boosts up your immunity system to get your body working properly.

  1. Pineapple Juice

The consumption of pineapple for curing the cough and cold is also very high, and there are large groups of pineapple buyers that provide good business to the pineapple distributors all over the world. Since pineapple juice contains some combination of enzymes, known as bromelain that has very strong anti-inflammatory properties, it helps to treat the respiratory problems that also include allergies and asthma. It is used as the supplemental treatment if any person is not willing to take the medicines for coughing, pineapple juice can be the best medicine to cure a cold and flu.

  • Whole Grain Bread

Whole grains bread also filled with anti-inflammatory properties that permits an increase in the production of healthy bacteria in the body preventing to catch the cold-causing germs.

  • Blueberries

Blueberries contain antioxidants that are helpful in treating and as well as preventing coughs and colds. According to the research, it has been observed that the people consuming blueberries in their regular diet happens to decrease the chance of catching a cold & flu up to 33%. The high rate of blueberries buyer has provided a great business for the wholesale providers to distribute it in bulk and gain profit out of it.

  • Greek Yoghurt

Greek yogurt contains the sickness-fighting probiotics and more protein than any regular yogurt. Since probiotics are very helpful in preventing and remedying common cold, people who utilize Greek yogurt in their daily diet has a very minimal risk of catching cough and flu.

  • Wild Salmon

Wild Salmon distributors get great business in the winter seasons, as it is very helpful in lowering the risk of catching a cold and flu. Wild salmon contains zinc that has been proved as the best ingredient to reduce the common cold symptoms. Zinc is more effective on the children of ages 1 to 10 years, and kids who take even 15mg of Zinc daily for straight seven months were observed to less likely catch the cough and cold during flu season.

  • Dark Chocolate

Some people find it intricate to believe that dark chocolate also helps in preventing the body to catch cold-causing germs, and forbids their children to eat chocolate when they catch flu. According to the research, the study came into being that dark chocolate contains a heavy strength of Theobromine, which is an antioxidant that has been proven from many tests to lessen coughing.

  • Ginger Tea

Ginger is accepted as the best remedy to treat common cold all around the world. According to the researchers, ginger contains anti-inflammatory properties that help the body to fight cold & flu. As inflammation affects the human body’s immune response, anti-inflammatory ginger is helpful in boosting the immunity system.

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