Give your catalogs a perfect blend of function and fashion with these 7 tips

A successful catalog design can lead to better business promotion. A good catalog helps you to market your products in a unique manner and hence increase your sales. Your products may be of high-quality but you will be limiting your potential by not making a worthy catalog for your products. Your customers will certainly make assumptions. So it is important that this communication tool conveys your brand in the best way and quality.

 Designing a material that engages customers is the key to spreading your business. Although many have turned to the internet to market and promote their products, catalog printing still remains an important marketing strategy. Great catalog design can generate more sales for your company and help separate you from your competitors.

Catalog printing services provide you with different types of catalogs according to your particular business objectives and motives such as a sales catalog, and informative piece, educational, a guide or a display catalog.

Here are 7 points you should keep in mind while designing worthy catalogs:

  • Engaging Content

Use engaging colors, images, and design elements that represent your company. Of utmost importance is your catalog cover which will tempt your customer to open it firsthand. Your catalog cover design needs to be enticing and provide your customer with a taste of what is inside. It must be attractive enough to appeal to them in the right way.

  • Clear Font

A clear font adds to a better presentation of your products. Use a font that is easy to read and take into consideration the size and color as well, according to the type of information you want to convey. Take, for example, special discounts and offers can carry bright colors, be of a larger size and a creative font to catch the audience’s eyesight. High quality printing services provide with better quality fonts with colors of your choice, thus giving your catalogs your own distinct style that suits your business.

  • Space Utility

Spacing is an underrated quality of any promotional material, especially catalogs. You should always use space wisely, not using it too much neither using too little. Too much of either can have a negative effect on your catalog. This can make your audience lose interest in your catalog.

  • Avoid clutter

This point is an extension of the previous point. Too much information and cluttered images may make your audience lose interest in your catalog. So, be sure to avoid word clutter and provide a good layout to your catalog for better audience acquisition. Cramming too many products on a page does not showcase or flatter your product.  Place products in such a way so that they are easily identifiable to your customers. This will definitely bring you better results.

  • Size

The size of your catalog also matters a lot. Set your catalog size according to your method of distribution e.g. mailing, handing out, or hanging in a display. While considering handing out, since your audience will be carrying it in their hands, the catalogs should be of an apt size which will allow it to be carried in their hands or fits easily inside their bags or backpacks. Catalog printing services provide you with an array of sizes for your catalogs to choose from.

  • High-quality images

Images always attract attention. Adding images will add to your catalog’s appearance.  However, the thing to keep in mind is that the images should be of high-quality. Blurred images will add to your audience’s distaste and will make them lose interest. Catalog printing helps you decide the quality of your images, letting you deciding upon the image resolution and size.

  • Consistency

Your catalog should carry a style which represents your brand. It needs to be an extension of your brand, stressing on the key components that make your brand stand out. Your customers will recognize your catalog when designed in correlation to your store, your website, and other marketing materials.

A good catalog design serves to represent your brand better. Keeping these points in mind will certainly make your catalog have a long-lasting impression on your audience.

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