Your Guide to Renovation Builders

The best part of renovating is when you are thinking of what colour to do on the walls, or upgrading your bathroom or designing that perfect kitchen look. However, choosing the right renovation builders is the most important aspect. Whoever you choose will spend your money, and bring significant chances in the structure of your house, so it is important that you choose only the right person who can translate your designs and dreams into reality.

There are horror stories everywhere about how a homeowner has to cope with the wrong kind of renovation builders, but you can learn from their mistakes and find the right one.

Getting off to a Good Start

Whether you are planning a full renovation or just want to redo a corner of your house, the entire thing will begin with planning the cost, time, and effort needed for the job. Read on to find some more helpful tips…

Gather Ideas

Have a crystal clear idea of what it is that you want before you begin choosing supplies and getting quotes. If you know what you want, but do not have any specific designs in mind, then there are many home improvement and design magazines that can serve as inspiration, or you can use online sites like Pinterest to find ideas.

Create a Detailed Plan

This is an important step in your renovation project. Renovation builders can of course help you with this plan, but before you involve them, figure out certain things like your budget, selection of materials, and different finishes.

Keep Time in Hand

Any building project (fresh or renovations) can take a longer time than planned, so you should plan for delays and roadblocks, if any. That way you will not feel upset or stressed out if things do not move as fast as you had expected.

Get Multiple Quotes

Get quotes from a few different renovation builders and compare them before you select one for your renovation project. Remember that high quality materials are more expensive and a renovation builder with more experience charges higher rates than less experienced builders. Therefore, you should check the reputation of the builder, ask as many questions as you can think of, and enquire about any hidden costs.

Questions you Should Ask Renovation Builders

Here are some questions you can ask a renovation builder before you hire them:

Q1: Can you provide references?

Previous customers can provide the best information about a renovation builder, so you should ask to speak with them and get their contact details from the builder. When you interview the customer, remember to ask key questions like: “Was the builder able to meet timelines and expectations?” and “What was the best part and the worst part about their experience with the builder?” You can also check out online sources like Yelp, Angie’s list, and other online forums for real unbiased reviews.

Q2: Can you give a breakdown of all costs involved?

It is not enough to just ask for an overall estimate of the renovation costs. The key here is to ask them the question, ‘Can you itemise the prices?’ That way you know what is what. Without itemisation, you have no idea what you will be spending money on. The breakdown of costs will also help you to figure out which areas you can curtail some of the costs from.

Q3: What is your experience in this area?
Renovation builders need to maintain quality in their work and have a good reputation in the market to remain operational and get business. Also, you are ultimately paying for their relationships with other building suppliers and contractors. Ask them how long they have been in business and whether they have an established team and a network of suppliers to rely on.

Renovation Builder

After doing your initial planning and research, and asking the potential candidates as many questions as you can think of, you can then hire the renovation builder who is the most suitable for your project and start putting things in action.

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