How Athletes can Boost Their Energy Levels?

There has been an increase in the number of nutritional products with the rise in the paleo movement. There is no need to discuss the reasons for the popularity of these products. I’ll keep it simple. These products are getting fame because they are rich in nutrients.

Every person who is concerned about his/her health is moving towards the diet that is nutritious and delicious as well. One of such product is bone broth powder.

Bone broth powder is just a term for the powdered form of bone broth. It could be beef bone broth or chicken bone broth. From CrossFittes to NBA superstars, bone broth is gaining favor and popularity.

What is Bone Broth?

Some people are confused and are mixing bone broth with stock but it is totally different. Stock is cooked for several hours while a nutritious bone broth is cooked for a minimum of 24 hours. Sometimes it takes 24 hours depending on the types of bones.

Bone broth is made by simmering bones, meat, vegetables, and some other ingredients for long hours on slow heat. Cooking for a long duration extracts all amounts of nutrients from the bone. It generates a good amount of gelatin and collagen. Gelatin is collagen break down product that is very good for the health of bones.

What Elements are in Bone Broth?

In connective tissues of animals, the most common type of protein is collagen. It makes up cartilage, ligaments, and bones.

Gelatin is a product that is made by breaking collagen. The long cooking process of bone broth breaks collagen and convert it into gelatin. Gelatin is more easily digested and bioavailable.

In the human body, glutamine and glycine are used for multiple purposes. Various foods are good sources of these amino acids but gelatin is the best.

Bone broth is a very good source of important nutrients for the body such as sodium, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, and other electrolytes.

Benefits of Drinking Bone Broth:

Here are some benefits that anyone can get by drinking bone broth. Especially for athletes, it is a very nutritious drink. It helps them building their stamina and boosting their energy levels.

Soft Tissue Repair:

According to researchers, consuming collagen can speed up the process of healing of the broken tissues. Often, soft tissues of athletes get broken due to sports activities. Bone broth can aid the healing process.

It is also beneficial for the healing of tendon injuries if consumed with Vitamin C. Athletes use it as their medicine but obviously, it’s not medicine because it tastes delicious.

Its nutritious powers are attracting almost every sportsperson.

Digestive Health:

Due to the significant amount of training and many other reasons, people are facing digestive stress. Some times our stomach gets disturbed and stops working properly due to bad food intake.

Bone broth is a liquid diet that is very easy to digest for the stomach. As gelatin, glutamine, and glycine aids in digestion, bone broth improves stomach health and boost digestion.

Supports Immune System:

 Bone broth strengthens the immune system by providing an essential amount of nutrients to the body. Drinking bone broth while fever could be very beneficial.


Bone broth is a very healthy drink without any side effects because all ingredients used in it are natural. As an athlete using it could increase your metabolism and provide extra energy and strength.

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