How Lok Kalyan Samiti is Contributing Towards Development of India

Lok Kalyan Samiti sponsor is a non-profit organization,which serves as an NGO and which deals in several great programs like

•    Sponsor a child

•    Super-specialty clinics

•    Eye care

•    General medical care.

Lok Kalyan Samiti’s sponsor a child program is one of the amazing and convenient ways through which we can contribute towards eliminating poverty from our nation.

Lok Kalyan Samiti not only helps to eliminate Illiteracy but also contributes towards the betterment of health situations in our country.

Victims of poverty suffer various diseases and are incapable of taking costly treatments.

Lok Kalyan Samiti stands for the betterment of society and runs several health care programs to solve the major health issues of the nation.

Lok Kalyan Samiti by creating better health care facilities to the society also helps in decreasing the infant mortality rate of the nation.

Every day many children & even adults and aged people die of starvation & illness, by conducting free camps and giving medical care services Lok Kalyan

Samiti is trying to contribute to the betterment and development of the nation.

Over the last two decades, there has been an upsurge in the field of science, technology, medicine, and other industries.

We owe it to education and the resources that are available to us.

However, the fact is that this education is a privilege to some but a luxury to some others due to the considerable income distribution gap. Census data shows that nearly 41 percent of the country’s population is below 20 years of age.

Lok Kalyan Samiti sponsor a child program is one of the fantastic and convenient ways from which we can contribute towards eliminating poverty from our nation.

Poverty has always been a significant issue in our country.

Income discrimination ratio in our country is high, which further leads to significant issues such as starvation, capable and talented talents are hidden and are not allowed to groom themselves well and work on them to create a bright future.

Lok Kalyan Samiti from their honest efforts have tried to eradicate illiteracy from the society. Moreover, it also provides our country the potential human resources and increases the literacy rate of our country.

Lok Kalyan Samiti just by the contribution of Rs.5000/- every year on a single child takes the responsibility of the education of the child, and through its transparent and honest policies the donor can always be in the touch of the child about his learning & difficulties which the concerned person is facing. Full details about sponsor a child in India program can be found here.

Moreover, look Kalyan Samiti is arranging free cataract surgeries for adults who are suffering from cataract.

Giving someone a new life by helping them to grow in life and create a better future and creating a good standard of living for them is the greatest achievement one could achieve and should aim to make. Lok Kalyan Samiti is giving it’s best possible efforts towards the development of the nation.

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