How To Have A Fantastic Increase In eCommerce Site’s Conversions With Minimum Efforts

It is not easy to build a profitable business. You can put in efforts to build an online store with design you want, use many channels to promote your brand, and bring in more traffic. But, whether you will get the expected sales from the people visiting your store is still a question. Actually your real work begins once you have your shop up and running.

Shopping experience matters the most for online business in this competitive world. So if you fail to offer it, the shoppers will move towards your competitors. When we talk about conversion, it is a process where a visitor becomes your customer. The more conversions, the more revenue you make. This means you need to work on all the landing pages of your eCommerce site to improve conversions. This means everything matters when it comes to eCommerce development.

There are a few tips which can actually help you with increased conversions on your eCommerce store and they are:

Start building trust

Don’t think that all the people who visit your eCommerce store are really part of your buying cycle and possible for conversions. Some of the people are mere visitors who keep on visiting different online sites and are here just for window shopping for the first time. So working in small amounts towards building trust during the beginning of the buying cycle can lead to future business.

So to begin with, you can just ask your visitor for their email address. The email address can be asked for offering promotional deals/offers or latest product entries that may across the online store in the future. This can work as the first step towards creating a trust with the visitors. You can then send them campaigns, deals or offers through email and offer them enough which can lead them to make a purchase.

Use quality images

When it comes to online shopping people make purchase just by seeing the images of the product on the website. It is not possible for them to touch or see the products physically. It is important for them to know that they are spending the money at the right place and the product is worthy. To increase sales make use of high quality images on the eCommerce store. You need to be sure that the images are large, show every detail and come with clean description too. Offering a zoom facility is always appreciated. Again, it is wise to add in multiple images of the same product. You can add in images from different angles and even show the usability of the product clearly. When getting your website developed from the eCommerce development company, you should mention these details.

Live chat support

This is considered as one of the best ways to boost the conversion rates on your website. With thousands of products and services provided online, it is important for the shoppers to know about how your product is better from that of the competitors. So there should be someone who can answer such questions. When there is live chat support, your shoppers will get instant replies for their questions and queries in no time. And this is what someone wants when they have to shop online.

Such kind of feature on your website will help to improve the image of the brand and it will become possible to build trust with the shoppers. From the shoppers perspective they find it pleasant and there are kind of shoppers who focus on such websites to shop.

Just you need to be sure that the customer representatives on your website respond quickly to the shoppers and don’t keep them waiting. Representatives should be proactive to start up a conversation with the shoppers if they are shy.

Abandoned shopping cart reminder

As per the report of statista, based on the cart abandonment, “75.6 percent of online retail orders were abandoned instead of purchasing.” This number seems to be big. For any business it is important to understand the reasons behind cart abandonment before they could actually stop it. There are many reasons to shopping cart abandonment and some of them have been mentioned below:

  • Unexpected costs
  • Security issues
  • Checkout process which is complicated
  • Compulsory sign-up
  • Paid and expensive shipping
  • No proper return policy
  • Not enough payment options
  • Better deals at other online sites

One of the ways in which businesses can manage to get back business out of the abandoned shopping cart was to send recovery emails to the customers. There was better chance to get some business when the email was sent in the first 3 hours of the incident. Making use of some personalized strategies for the emails worked too.

Eliminate the risk

Some of the reasons why people feel to stay away from online shopping is due to some fears like the product may not be like what they expected, it may not be right fit, the product may be damaged, may be of fake brand, etc.

The only way to encourage such people to shop from your site is by eliminating the risks that are involved with online shopping. Offer product guarantees, free shipping and free returns. In case you have brick and mortar store, provide the option of free returns to your store. Most of the successful eCommerce stores out there offer such facilities. Your customers will appreciate such add-ons that they will get from you.

Add social proof

When it comes for online shopping, people always look around whether the same product was bought by other people before or not. The cost of the product does not matter at all when it comes to checking out customer reviews. This is the reason why you should add social proof to your online store to help with conversions. Apart from making you look on the eCommerce business, such reviews help the customers to finalize their decision and buy from you.

It has been seen that 85% shoppers believe in online reviews just like personal recommendations. You can have some of the kind of social proofs on your store like case studies, testimonials, user reviews, star ratings, media coverage, social medial shares, celebrity endorsements, official stamps of approval and number of users. So all you have to do is to identify the kind of the social proof that your audience can relate to and make use of them to your advantage.

Add product description

Many a time people visit online stores and just leave it because they can’t find enough information about the product they are seeing. When you are dealing with the potential customers this is not something you want to happen. On your eCommerce store, take some effort to write informative and descriptive product description which can delight the people who are interested in those products.

Writing such product description has its own advantages and one of them was to get more sales for the store. Another one was the ease of finding the product on the search engine. From the SEO perspective such descriptions helped to get more traffic towards the online site. Getting good amount of traffic on the website increases the per cent of conversion rate.

When writing product description, keep in mind that there is no harm in writing long ones. The shoppers who are planned to make a buy will definitely go through everything to learn more about the product.

You can always have a summary ready for the window shoppers. This information can be more about how the product will benefit the people as it is what everybody looks for.

Make product videos

Photos are good but, videos are better. The best thing is that they don’t have to be expensive. You can have some of your team members describing the product in the video, showing its utility and projecting its best features. Adding in customer testimonials will also make the video more trustworthy.

You can even make use of smartphones to make videos.

Come up with an easy checkout process

If we talk about the eCommerce business, Amazon is considered as the giant in the world. If you look into their online store and business, you will for sure be able to learn a couple of things for sure. It is not important for your online store to be big to learn Amazon. You can try to understand how efficiently they are handling things and you can make use of it to improve your shop’s sales.

If you take the example of the checkout process, a number of cart abandonment takes place because checkout process is not good enough. The need to create a new account, shipping costs which were not disclosed earlier, difficult steps and issues related to security are some of the reasons for shoppers to leave.

It is needed for your online store to have more steps in the checkout process even if you wish to avoid them but, you can work to make them easy for the customers as far as possible.

If you take the case of Amazon, it offers a single-click checkout to those people who don’t want to go through each step. For others who don’t want to engage with it, Amazon still follows the process of multiple steps checkout. It is easy to follow and the customers find it smooth to complete checkout and buy products.

In the progress bar each and every checkout steps are broken down so that shoppers can understand them well. They will know how much more steps they have to cover.

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