Ideas to Dress up for a Work Event with Perfect Fashion Sense for Women

A launch, a gala to present a product, a dinner with executives in a restaurant of high level, the parties and meetings that have to do with your work always pose a dilemma, confusing you with the question ‘What do I wear to look stylish and elegant?’ And in response, the first thing that comes to mind is ‘something that looks professional’. It may lead you to take out too formal clothes that have no fashion traces at all. Well, remember that “professional” does not always mean clothing with no fashionable touch.

The challenge is to look fashionable with personality and enough glamor to dazzle with the formality to look good to your superiors, subordinates, or clients. The tips shared in this blog will guide you well in this regard. Let’s see what solution we have for you:

Beyond the Black Dress or Tailor Suit
  • Dare to try the colours and look for models of modern courts, talking about a business woman who knows how to adapt to new trends. Some examples are as follows:
  • A wrap dress in one of the prints that is generally in the season
  • Irregular cuts, draperies, transparent overlays or satin fabrics are valid in their correct measure
  • A black tube or chocolate coloured mid-leg skirt with a shirt can steal all eyes
  • A cigarette pants with a tuxedo jacket and a blouse with a lot of colours

Although extra-large accessories are fashionable, you can prefer a few small pieces. Remember that an exclusive piece always looks good, so do not be afraid to wear a good watch, a designer ring or vintage earrings. Here the key is to have only one noticeable accessory.

It is a yes to heels but not very high ones. It is a corporate environment in which you should look trendy, but above all things, you must look professional at all times. Avoid extreme heels or excessive heels. A pair of classic shoes with high heels of no more than three inches always look good.


Avoid maxi bowls or giant wallets. Many of these events are designed for guests to stand, so a wallet with lots of volume is not only uncomfortable but sometimes uncool.
You can prefer a medium-size handbag, or a small, high-quality wallet. You can give the chic note with a small bag having lots of colour or metallic.

A vintage purse is also a good idea; always keep in mind that today it is no longer necessary for the wallet and shoes to combine with each other as long as they are well-integrated into the rest of your outfit.


If you have in mind a chignon, get it out of your head, literally. You can choose simple hairstyles but go beyond the perfect straight hair. You can pick up some loose wicks around your face, or leave your hair loose with loose waves and a ponytail.


You can prefer soft tones and prevent excess glare. Dramatic smoky eyes in black and grey shades look great for a party but not for your office. Look for softer colours such as brown or purple palette and choose pastel shades for lips.

I hope following this guide will help you dazzle at the work event you attend the next time.

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