Is Chiropractic a Treatment Option for Frozen Shoulders?

The shoulder in the human body plays a vital role. It consists of numerous joints that combine with the tendons and muscles to allow a broad range of motion for the arm. It helps with even the smallest task like bending over to pick something, scratching your back, playing sports, and so much more. In several cases, people experience shoulder pain, problems that occur from a number of different problems with the ligaments, soft-tissue muscles, and tendons. At such times, they turn to chiropractic pain management GA, which could help them with pain relief.

Frozen shoulder or “adhesive capsulitis,” is a medical condition that often causes stiffness and pain in the shoulder joint. The symptoms of this condition can be gradual and often worsen over time, before they resolve. The process can take about a one-two year period, sometimes three. The limited motion range is a primary symptom and one of the major signs that doctors often use to diagnose the condition. Sometimes, an x-ray could help to determine if there’s an underlying problem, for example, arthritis, or even a fracture could be the cause of the problem.

The Main Causes of Frozen Shoulder

Since the shoulder is a dynamic joint in the human body, as mentioned above, it also has a wide motion range and this means it endures many wear and tears with normal use. This joint is a network of tendons and ligaments that connect the muscle and bone. All of this lies encased within a connective tissue capsule. A time comes when that tissue will thicken, and this will constrict to tighten the shoulder joint. It will restrict the movement of the joint, which is a cause of the pain.

Sometimes, the cause could be due to injuries, at other times, the causes are unknown. Some evidence also suggests that the people who suffer from health problems like chronic diseases and diabetes are most likely to develop this condition. The condition is also prevalent in all those people who just had an arm surgery or fracture. The cause could be anything that causes them to immobilize their shoulder for a longer time.

Frozen Shoulder and Chiropractic Treatment

This is an effective treatment for problems like frozen shoulder. Several patients visit a general practitioner first to get a complete diagnosis and ensure there is no any underlying cause of the condition that would need treatment before they seek chiropractic care from specialists like those at Kroll Care. Several chiropractors also have the capability to use diagnostic tools to assess the problem and their patients.

Chiropractic treatment helps to reduce the pain, helps with motion, and recovery of speed. Usually, the treatment also depends on the symptoms that are present, the progression of the condition, and the duration of the condition.

Chiropractic treatment used to treat shoulder problem often involves joint manipulation and tissue manipulation. The role of the chiropractor is to then apply some pressure and stretches to the key points, which help to reduce and also resolve the pain intensity the patient experiences.

Other Treatment Options

The treatment options for frozen shoulder often focus on preserving the motion of the joint and help to minimize the pain. Some of the over the counter medications like aspirin and ibuprofen are often the first defense options. These medications help the pain to subside and reduce inflammation. However, if the condition is severe, the doctor will need to prescribe some anti-inflammatory medicines for pain management. Sometimes, physical therapy can also be an option. The other common treatment options include:

Shoulder manipulation, often when the patient is under the effects of general anesthesia, the chiropractor would move the shoulder to loosen the tissue. Sometimes, steroid injections administered in the joints of the shoulder directly may also help. The last option is often surgery, which is quite a rate but the doctor may remove the scar tissue and adhesions from the inner side of the shoulder joint.

As you can see chiropractic pain management GA is actually a suitable treatment option for frozen shoulder. It is non-invasive and a healthier treatment option.

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