Is Vitamin supplements Intake a Hogwash Endeavor?

Taking vitamin supplements to enhance your health profile is most certainly not a ‘hogwash’ endeavor. And I have my lifelong personal experiences with these over-the-counter health agents to prove my point. Before I go any further to explain what I mean, let me tell you that this particular story starts with nothing more exciting than soil. Yes, you read that right! The soil that is used to grow our food, and in turn the food of all our poultry animals, is the reason why we need to resort to all sorts of health supplements. Soils depleted of essential nutrients make way for nutritionally-deficient crops. These, in turn, cause all animals and humans who consume them to suffer from a range of deficiency diseases. I actually have a colorful food chart that vividly illustrates this food cycle hanging on my study wall. I downloaded its blueprint with my Frontier Deals internet service – along with several other diagrammatic resources for future use.

A Little Bit about My Social Activism Background

I’m a secondary school teacher, you see, and having such informational material always at the ready proves to be quite handy. In addition to my paid tutoring obligations in school, I also carry out a lot of free volunteer tutoring sessions. These are mostly comprised of the children enrolled from the poorer sections of my town; including several predominantly black ghettos. I do this because I sincerely believe that being armed with basic health and fitness information is the right of every individual. And no age is more impressionable (in terms of being more receptive to useful knowledge) than one’s younger years.

It also helps a lot that many teenagers and young adults these days pay a lot of attention to body-building info. Thanks in large part to the showbiz (and general pop-cultural) industry – and, of course, the popularity function of social media networks – keeping good health has become an ‘in’ thing. And even if the ends are entirely superficial, I still support this trend.

As human beings, we need to take all the good that comes our way in this life. Because nobody else, let’s face it, will be there to help us out when we’re in the dumps! It’s a cruel world – and it is made even more so by the deep-rooted apathy (non-caring self-centeredness) of people.

My First Encounter with Nutritional Supplements

And so ever since I graduated from higher-ed, I’ve tried to read every health and fitness manual that I could lay my hands on. In this respect, our town library, which is usually stacked with the latest textbooks at most times of the year, continues to be a friend like no other. It was also during one of my reading escapades in the library that I first came to read about the numerous benefits of OTC supplements. I became familiarized with the nutritional problems that resulted from the modern-day agricultural cycle. And I read about some of the best ways in which this issue can be remedied; on the personal front.

The very first nutritional supplement that I took (over 25 years ago) was a Vitamin C effervescent preparation sold by a local FDA-approved brand.

At the time, I had been suffering from a severe bout of the common cold. My G.P advised a two-week regimen of some strong antibiotics, but due to my painful previous history with the said drugs, I firmly declined the prescription. Instead, I opted to put all my health reading to good use, and invest some dollars in a quality supplement. And I was greatly excited to discover that by the third day of taking 1g Vitamin C tablets, my runny nose became stable again. In addition, my chest-wheezing – which had greatly troubled me for the entirety of my adolescent years – absolutely vanished.  And so it wasn’t long before I was recommending the same vitamin formula to everyone who would listen to my non-stop entreaties.

On one occasion, I was even accused of being a paid brand marketer – so vehement (and altogether feverish) was my advocacy for the said supplement!

Further Dabbling with OTC Preparations

Pretty soon, I was experimenting with all other kinds of vitamin supplements sold by several other popular brands.

I saw my optical and skin health improve considerably with a certain vitamin A (retinol) supplement. When I felt a little down (in terms of my mean body energy levels), vitamin B12 supplements proved to be my saving grace. And when I really needed to put some extra shine and luster onto my skin, hair, and nails, I made liberal use of a ‘natural’ vitamin E compound.

You’ll be amazed (I think) to know that I even hosted a local television program based around health & fitness for over six years. Watchable with a Frontier TV packages subscription, it focused primarily on how the intake of different types of OTC vitamins & minerals can bring about distinct and highly beneficial changes in health.

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