Justified Reasons to get a Humanities Degree

For many years and to a certain extent, even now, medicine, engineering or science and mathematics-based careers, remain preferred choices. The disciplines connected with Humanities, in comparison, are considered to have fewer career prospects and especially stable and lucrative ones. Accordingly, opportunities for career advancements, promotions, and increments are thought to be fewer and their pace slower. However, a better understanding of Humanities can help in eliminating any misconceptions, including ones like these.

What is Humanities?

Humanities encompass a set of disciplines in the academic field, which are concerned with both human cultures and societies. These cultures and societies can be ancient ones or those that are relatively new. Humanities students study them in various ways or from different angles but all commonly focus on the social aspect.

After completing school, they can apply for a Bachelor’s Degree/B.A., at any of the top 20 humanities colleges in India. The eligibility criteria can differ subject-wise, including those related to marks obtained in the final year at school. Upon attaining this degree, students can then complete their Master’s Degree/M.A., and Ph.D./Doctor of Philosophy Degree. They can, of course, go in for Undergraduate or Postgraduate Diplomas, Certifications, Internships, and other courses.

An Overview of Different Careers

Students can opt for law, which offers different streams they can specialize in, including environment, criminal, corporate, or property law. They can become teachers in schools or professors in colleges and universities. They can enjoy a career as social workers and teach and train underprivileged children, youth, and adults. As social workers, they can additionally participate in various projects that go onto benefit whole villages in rural areas. They can also select journalism and mass communication-related careers and have the opportunity to highlight and correct societal problems.

They can select careers in history, sociology, archaeology, literature, films, and performing or visual arts. Students can focus on different languages and teach them or become translators. If they are talented in writing, they can eventually become authors, poets, or multi-talented writers. They can go into event management or public relations or become librarians or even politicians. The choices are endless, but students must conduct thorough research to find the best colleges for humanities in India. This is important, as students can benefit from a more comprehensive learning experience, better teaching faculties, and other facilities.

Advantages of a Humanities-based Career

The main advantage is, that a career in a Humanities’ discipline, can be very fulfilling. Anyone can feel good, knowing that they have been able to contribute, very simply but importantly to ‘helping people’. For example, a social worker can uplift a particular section of society, say through education and vocational training. Another example is a journalist, who brings into focus the rights, women living in rural areas, are able to enjoy. In these different ways, students can earn well but at the same time feel mentally satisfied and fulfilled.

Therefore, as can be derived from above, a career in Humanities can be a very special one. It helps anyone to gain mental and financial satisfaction, both of which are vital aspects of life. In this way, Humanities helps students to feel proud and happy about what they do.

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