MA in development studies – Job possibilities in future

Development studies is an interdisciplinary segment of social science which is offered as a Master’s degree in many Universities across India. An undergraduate degree in this subject is rarely offered. A student pursuing a research degree or an Ma in development studies in India can later join as a consultant in the United Nations or in any governmental or private organization as a policymaker or can take up the role of corporate social responsibility.

Ma in public policy in India and in Development Studies was in their nascent stages until a few years ago. However, only recently have they extended their gamut with more number of students enrolling themselves to pursue these courses. A degree in these subjects trains students to address and understand global inefficiencies and resource scarcities. Let us have a close look at the various job prospects that you can come across after pursuing a master’s degree in developmental studies:

Teaching Positions: After pursuing a master’s degree in this subject you can prepare for the NET exam which will open an avenue for you to act as an Assistant Professor at Universities teaching this subject. In this role, you will get the wonderful opportunity to train young and passionate minds to develop an instinct to understand global policymaking agendas and how to implement them for the country’s economic and social welfare.

A Researcher: If you crack the Research Admission Test of any University you can join as a researcher, researching new forums in the aspect of Development Studies. If you manage to crack a JRF in your NET exam you will get a monthly stipend from the UGC for pursuing your doctorate studies. You can work as a lecturer and at the same time pursue your research studies in this regard. You can work to explore new horizons in the area of the neoliberal state and its tenants affecting the socio-cultural space.

A Policy Maker: With a degree in this subject you will learn to address the multidisciplinary issues of social science and related genres. With this knowledge, you can take up a job as a policy maker in any governmental or non-governmental agencies addressing social issues like poverty and child labor. You will be a part of the team framing and will be executing such policy-related affairs and will be arranging awareness campaigns on such socially evil practices. You can become a part of prestigious institutions like UNDP.

An immigration officer: A course in MA in public policy in India and in developmental studies can secure you the job of an illustrious immigration officer whose main role is to look into law enforcement strategies. You will be placed in a vital role of seeing through any misconduct that might take place in procedures of providing visa and passport to foreign nationals.

A course in Development Studies and Policy Making has seen a major upsurge in the last few years. It is a unique subject which addresses social and economic issues and helps individuals to play an active role in the global transformation of our country.

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