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Need a Sports Ticket? Here Are Things You Could Do to Find a Good Deal



Sporting tickets can get expensive but it doesn’t beat experiencing the atmosphere of the game and getting to cheer on your team in person. The cheering of the crowd, the infamous hot dog and drink, seeing your favorite player, and yelling at the refs. The experience can’t be beaten. There is a rush of joy when your team is winning and anger when they aren’t. But when the cost of the ticket has you hesitant to be apart of the game is here to offer these helpful tips to find the cheapest tickets around.

Finding Promotions for your team

Check out the Webpage

Many sports teams run promotions at their games to get people in the stands. This doesn’t always include discounts on tickets. Many times it could be promotional offers for merchandise too. However, it is a great starting point to see if the team is offering any discounts themselves. This also helps you stay up to date on your team’s stats and news.

The Fan Club

Join the fan club of your favorite team! It is a great way to hear about and find promotions before other people, since fan clubs usually offer exclusive promos. This could give you an advantage on ticket and merchandise deals. Some sports fan clubs require a nominal fee to enter but depending on the promotions and deals offered, it could be worth it in the long run for you.  

Radio Stations and Sponsors

Check out your local radio stations and other team sponsors for promotions they may be offering. The sponsors may have events, games, or other promotions you can participate in for discounted tickets. Sponsor companies sometimes give out presale passwords to fans that could include a discount when purchasing the ticket. This usually takes a google search to find and it could save you money.  

Search for discounted tickets

Buy on the Day

Buying tickets on the day of the game could also be a way to find cheap tickets to some sporting events. Not all sporting venues lower the price on the day of but it doesn’t’ hurt to check out the sports arena you are interested in to see if they do!

Take Advantage of Weeknight Games

If the sport you are interested in cheering for has weeknight games this is a perfect way to find a cheaper ticket and still enjoy your favorite team. Weekend games are more popular and attract more people while weeknight games tend to have fewer people in the stands. Many times a weeknight game ticket will be cheaper due to this.

Go as a Group

Another way to find discounts is to buy tickets as a group. Often times you can find discounts when buying a larger number of tickets. You will have to check on the number of tickets you need to purchase, to qualify for the discount. This is a great way to get the family and friends together, have a company outing, or celebrate a birthday all the while saving you (and the others attending with you) money.

Find someone who can’t make the game

Secondary ticket Marketplace

A great place to find cheaper tickets is through a secondary ticket marketplace online. These are websites that offer a place for fans, who can no longer make the game, a chance to sell their tickets. Usually meaning savings for you. This can be a great alternative to a normal box office while offering more protection from fraudulent ticket sales.

Other online connections

Check out forums that are dedicated to your favorite team. Sometimes other fans who can’t make it to the game will try to sell them there. This comes with several risks such as getting fake tickets, the seller not actually mailing the tickets if you are unable to meet in person, and several more.


Searching Facebook marketplace or asking your Facebook friends and family could be another viable option to find those cheap sports tickets. Many people start here to sell to friends and family first. If it is someone you know this helps to limit the risk of fraudulent tickets.


Craigslist is another option in finding cheap sports tickets but as with the other online options, it comes with its set of risks as well.


Using online marketplaces do allow for more negotiations to take place but offer little protection for the buyer in case something is wrong with the ticket.

Scalp-free Zones

Ticket scalping has been around for a long time. Buying from a scalper has many risks such as the ticket not being real or it has already used. Many sports arenas now have areas designated for people who are selling their tickets outside of the gate. This has been done to protect the buyer as they are able to scan your ticket before you buy it to make sure it is real and usable. If there is not an area at the sporting event you want to go to you might steer clear of this option.


Don’t let the cost of a sports ticket stop you from experience the rush of seeing your favorite team in person! Using one of these options are sure to get save you money.

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