Outweigh the Competition: Essential Tips for Animated Explainer Video Production

The realm animation video has faced some major changes to the point that it is being used for marketing and branding campaigns. The trends of animated content have changed over the years but some trends are simply here to stay. One such everlasting form of animation is an animated explainer video and it is being widely used by both startups and renowned brands in building their marketing strategies.

However, you might have found the video animation company you want to work with at times, people tend to disregard the notion of research, planning,and most importantly script writing. Here are some tips that one should never forget when making an animated explainer video.

Come up with an effective script

The criterion for success of an animated explainer video depends upon how well written the script is. Make sure you have researched well before you begin to compile the content you need. After analyzing the preferences of your audience and their demographics, jot down every factor that is concerned with bringing value to them.

That needs to be your core foundation or else the video would look too blatantly promotional. It is not required for you to write the script yourself as you can make a professional scriptwriter do it as well. Provide the writer with your ideas and story concept and in turn, you will acquire a script relevant to it.

Make sure to keep it simple

Another key to success for your explainer video is to keep it simple. Making it simple does not mean you would use an overused idea or story concept for it instead; you have to keep it short yet make it unique. Your viewers would not prefer to watch a video that is over 5 minutes long and they would surely lose interest halfway through.

That is why most popular social media platforms have given a limit of only 60 seconds for videos. Take advantage of this short length and merge the problem, solution and the value your brand is bringing to your audience in that short time span.

Highlight the benefits for your audience

Your brand must have great offerings, services or products and you would probably bring more highlight to them in a promotional video,however, that is not how it works. While it is alright to showcase what makes you significant from the competition but if that is your only focus then your viewers would not be interested to associate with your brand.

You have to keep a balance between displaying your offerings and the benefits it provides to your customers. You should have a clear idea about what matters to your customers and what does not. Once you know it, your video would reach out to the right audience easily.

Build your brand’s voice

The concept and visuals of an explainer video should be able to build a feeling of association with your audience. Your brand needs to have a voice of its own and that can be only made possible with the right use of an animated video.

Keep it entertaining, interesting and most importantly do not forget to incorporate the vision, mission and main values of your brand. Despite the demographics of your audience, you should never forget to use a light and fun tone in the video or else the viewers are bound to get bored.

Add memorable aspects to it

While the concept of advertising and marketing techniques is not new but video marketing has completely transformed it. With the advent of video technology, every marketing form and type has gone digital. For that reason, the competition is increasing at a rapid pace. That means many brands and businesses would be using animated explainer videos.

Therefore, in order to stick out from the rest, you have to make your video content memorable and easily recognizable. Getting recognition does not mean that you would add complex elements to it instead the story and visuals need to be only unique and striking.

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