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Kick to Top stands for its users and their conveniences. The data we collect are safe and are not availed for any other purpose than to offer a better user experience.

The information our users post on this website will be solely responsible for that, however, we have complete authority to modify or even delete the data anytime.

When you post your article on our website:
  • You will be sure that the post is 100% original without any plagiarism.
  • The post should not contain any adultery or should not violate the sentiments of a group or an individual.
  • It should be informative and well-researched.
  • This website may contain links from 3rd party website. Kick to Top has nothing to do with these websites; they also not come under our privacy policy.
  • The links on our website are only for the convenient of the user if they want to read more from the author.
  • The link we offer is dofollow, which will be removed after 30 days. However, the website has the right to remove these links anytime without any notice.
  • We use reliable advertising companies to display ethical ads based on the personal information. These advertising companies may use your geo-location, IP address, and searched history to display the relevant ad for you.
  • Kick to the top has the right to change this privacy policy anytime without any notification. Moreover, if you are availing this website or posting anything, you agree with our terms and conditions.

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