Replacing House Blinds-What You Need to Know

Getting house blinds gives an efficient advantage in the insulation of the home as well gives an attractive look to the interiors. However, not everyone is a specialist in the interior design and does not know what kind of house blinds to choose.

People have to go through multiple phases before selecting their house blinds in the Marlboro MD. There are multiple variables that are required to be considered before selecting the most satisfactory window blind.


The basic purpose of the installationof blinds is to control the entrance of light and increase privacy. There can be shades or blinds that can be installed for the purpose. However, since both are different in their usage, therefore their costs are different as well.

In addition, the type of slides used also alters the costs of the installation. The average cost of installation lies between $10-$650 including utmost finesse and quality installation. Based on the difference in the type of blinds used, slat blinds that are used for most windows range from $10-$220. In addition, vertical blinds that are used mostly for sliding doors cost around $120. Similarly, roller blinds and cordless blinds both cost around $140 but used for different locations.


There are multiple types of blinds depending upon the blind type and the type of material for the blinds. There are multiple types of blinds. Slat blinds, which are used for most windows are horizontal slats that can be tilted towards different angles and can be lifted as well to let in more light.

Vertical blinds are vertically long slats that are used to cover long windows or doors and can be pulled to uncover them as desired. Roller blinds are flat like materials made like woven bamboo that represent the standard window shades. In addition, cordless blinds are most commonly used where privacy is a bigger concern such as in offices, bathrooms etc. These blinds do not have cords to mitigate strangulation hazards. The cords are adjusted through long rods or remotes, which makes them costlier than others.

In addition to the type of cords, there are different materials as well. The pre-fabricated blinds are less expensive and fit the size of the windows. However, custom made blinds offer more expensive yet higher guaranteed materials.

Materials can include aluminum, fabric, vinyl, bamboo, faux wood or simple wood. Each type of the material has its own competency and cons as well. Aluminum is the least expensive of all yet has the risk of being damaged easily. On the contrary, bamboo, simple fabric and faux wood give aesthetic appeal and eco-friendly durability. However, they are prone to fading with time and alter the natural visual variation. Wood materials are the most expensive and maintenance requiring materials of all but have the more aesthetic appeal as well.

Labor for Installation:

It is important to know whether to hang the blinds inside or outside of the window casings to give the installers a definite position for their installation. In addition, these measurements should also be made before purchasing the blinds so that one can choose the most fitting ones.

Furthermore, the measurement of the mounts should also be concise. Outside mounts make your windows and blinds look large and should be measured from outer edges of the casings. On the contrary that inside mounts give a tidy look and need to be measured from inside of the casings. An average labor cost of installation usually costs $10-20 per window and ranges about $80-$160.

Other Costs:

In addition to the installation of the blinds, there are motorized blinds available with $30-$80 per motor that allows the movement of the blinds via a motor. There are multiple types of motors available in the market as well. In addition, there are eco-friendly and energy efficient blinds as well that are built for their required purposes and help in preserving energy and are best for insulation purposes.

Additional costs can include maintenance or removal costs that are required to remove the blinds. In case you decided to take the project by yourself, it would cost you around $250-$320 for the installation parts required. Choosing which type of blinds to install and what type of material to use can help arrange a definite quote that any shop can offer. In case you need professional help, it would be better if the companies that are providing the blinds offer installation as well.

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