Surgical gloves online purchase: What you need to know?

As a medical professional, you may have several responsibilities, where you need the appropriate protective gear. Maintaining utmost hygiene is the primary responsibility of every medical professional. Surgical gloves or medical gloves as you may say, are an integral part of any medical process. Whether it is dressing up a wound or taking on some serious surgery, you would need high-quality surgical gloves not only for yourself but also for the patients. Today, you have the option of buying surgical gloves online. It is necessary for the gloves to be of high-quality, so that they can keep you protected from hazardous substances like pathogens borne by blood, harsh chemicals and so on. Besides, medical professionals need puncture-resistant gloves, since they work with needles and various surgical tools.

Before heading for online purchase of surgical gloves, it is important to know what the different variants are available in the market.

Medical gloves can be of two types:

  • Exam gloves
  • Surgical gloves

Each of these gloves is developed to serve a specific purpose. They prevent cross-contamination and keeps the skin protected. When you buy surgical gloves online, you can find variants like vinyl, nitrile, and latex. Remember, these gloves should be free from powder. For extra protection, you can buy coated or textured gloves. Buy sterile gloves from the online stores for the best degree of protection. Nitrile gloves are the most popular ones in the industry, due to the material used in the gloves. They are resistant to bacterial growth, are of good quality and free from chipping off which you may otherwise encounter with a poor quality glove.

Difference between exam gloves and surgical gloves

As mentioned above, the medical gloves are subdivided into surgical and exam gloves. Both these gloves are manufactured to serve different purpose, whereas the exam gloves are used by health professionals while examining a disease or handling of medical supplied, the surgical gloves are more sturdy. They are used by doctors and surgeons during the operation. Exam gloves are used for general purposes. Most commonly, healthcare workers and caregivers use them to keep themselves protected from contamination, when a medical procedure is being carried out. They can also be used in households to clean pet messes, spills, oiling vehicles and gardening. You can buy these gloves at low cost from the online stores.

On the other hand, surgical gloves are used in operating rooms by surgeons. They are sized specifically to fit the hands of the user. Besides, accurate design allows them to gain better sensitivity and precision. You can buy surgical gloves online from one of the reputed websites.

Features of latex, vinyl, and nitrile gloves

Have a look at the key features of the three popular types of gloves used in the industry.

Vinyl gloves

  • Cost-effective
  • High-quality gloves
  • Material used is PVC
  • Free from latex
  • Comfortable and good fit
  • Durability is low
  • High sensitivity to touch

Latex gloves

  • Flexible
  • Powdered or free from powdered
  • Good fit
  • Protection is moderate
  • High sensitivity
  • May lead to skin irritation or allergies

Nitrile gloves

  • Latex-free
  • protein-free
  • Does not cause allergy
  • Resistant to puncture and chemicals
  • High durability and protection
  • Nitrile gloves come with a greater durability

When you purchase surgical gloves online, you can choose from these categories.

Powdered and unpowered gloves

The gloves need to be lubricated at times, and hence powder is used in the process. This makes it easier for the user to put them into their hands. Cornstarch is generally used in the process, as it does not cause irritation. But, if you are purchasing surgical gloves, then make sure that it is not powdered. When this powder comes in contact with the patient’s blood or wound, it may result in adverse reactions which may not be good for the health of the patient. You can buy these surgical gloves online from our reputed portals. Some of these gloves also come with an additional inner coating, and these are devoid of powder. These days, most of the customers buy the gloves online, as they can get high-quality products at reasonable prices on these platforms.

Final Thoughts- Well, you can buy surgical gloves online from any of the portals but make sure that before buying, you check if its quality marked, has positive reviews and at the same time, the company also guarantees no aftermath of using their surgical gloves. As a medical professional, taking care of your patient’s health is the prime responsibility. Investing in a good quality purchase of surgical gloves online is a move in the direction of patient’s well being.

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