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In education, teaching is considered as actions that deliver information to novice learners. In simple terms, it’s the act of providing experience to the students to develop knowledge. It basically revolves around three elements, namely the teacher, the students and the topic being discussed. Proper teaching has enabled mankind to progress so far over the years. There are multiple Online Teaching Degree Requirements an individual need to fulfil in order to become a fully licensed teacher.

Becoming a Teacher in UAE:

Are you considering becoming a UAE certified teacher? Well here are tips you need to help you kick start your teaching career. Over the years UAE has become a global center of finance, trade and tourism. The highly developed cities, such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi, attract investors and businessmen from all over the world mostly because of their fancy malls, gigantic skyscrapers and countless cuisines. These are the factors make UAE an ideal teaching destination for both domestic and foreign teachers. It is to be noted that the demand of proper English Education has been rising for a while now. As a result, English speaking lecturers are offered wages that are on a higher side. But before an individual takes up the teaching profession, he/she needs to make sure if they’re qualified enough.

An individual should have a degree related to the subject he/she intends on teaching. However, it is to be noted that most educational instituted in the Emirates require a Master’s Degree and a valid teaching license. Teachers are now required to register themselves for TLP (Teaching License Preparation). This is basically a test that teachers currently teaching in UAE have to take. It will provide them with a valid teaching license and it will allow them to work within the country legally.

The documents that require attestation include an individual’s diploma and a teaching license, if there’s any issued previously. Moreover, thorough background checks are made as-well. When it comes to medical checks, it is compulsory for an individual to get themselves thoroughly checked and submit those in the educational institute he intends on teaching in as a guarantee that he/she is medically stable.

Teacher Certification Examinations:

In most parts of the world, starting a teaching career doesn’t require tests of sorts. An individual who decides to pursue teaching simply starts based on his/her knowledge and experience, but this situation has taken a drastic turn here. This means that new reforms are being made and every lecturer throughout the Emirates, from a teacher to the principal of an educational institute, should appear in the UAE teacher certification exams.

The TLP (Teacher License Preparation) is an aptitude test that has been introduced, and people working in educational institutes; everyone ranking from a teacher to the principal, are required to take it. This is gradually being imposed, but by 2020 it’s expected to be imposed throughout the country. This means that it would be compulsory for an individual to have a valid teaching license before he/she could pursue the teaching career, and would allow the teacher to legally work in the UAE. Any teacher applying for TLS Examinations must know about Online Teaching Degree Requirements, and must appear in two tests. The first one is Subject Specialization Exam. This exam deals with the content of a specific subject that is to be taught. For example, a Chemistry lecturer would specialize in Chemistry courses only. The second test is Educational Practice Test. This assessment basically relates to general teaching pedagogy. Pedagogy refers to the practice of education and how this influences the growth of learners.

This can be considered as a great step because this test would guarantee the availability of experienced lecturers in different educational institutes throughout the Emirates. Furthermore, it would ensure amongst the students a peaceful state of mind as they’re going to realize the fact that they’re being taught by a well experienced teacher, and not by someone who’s relatively new to the field and lacks grip upon certain topics. This will certainly open doors to a new era of both teaching and learning.

Let’s suppose a teacher who already has a valid Teaching License immigrates to the UAE and decides to pursue teaching again. If they already have a license, it would be reviewed by a committee to confirm whether or not their license meets the set requirements. The committee would then let the teacher know if their license is worthy enough or not as their final decision.

Final Words:

Teachers should appear in certification tests as soon as possible in order to pursue their teaching career legally within the Emirates and also to avoid unnecessary problems both in the present and in the near future.

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