These 7 Ways Make Your Rental Home Energy Efficient

Making the rental home energy efficient is a futuristic decision. For the owner, it helps attract tenants and for the tenants it saves money on electricity costs. On whichever side you are, the following methods of making the rental home ‘energy efficient’ are absolutely useful.

1.Install A Programmable Thermostat

The programmable thermostats help a lot in reducing the heating and cooling costs. They automatically control the temperature and keep it on a certain point. They help on many aspects.

  • Regulate temperature, which prevents from health issues.
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Turn the unit/device on and off in your absence.
  • Reduce carbon footprint that is good for environment

2.Do the due changes in hot water heater settings

Mostly rental homes have traditional water heating system. It needs to be changed to an advanced version to save more energy. If the existing one is satisfying then do the due changes. Check the temperature settings; if it is 140 degrees, then you can change it to 120 degrees. An old tank may have problems, replace it with the new one. Yes, it demands some financial investment but it is a onetime affair with long-term benefit.

 Energy saving efforts, demand a certain amount, which you either can take from your savings or can borrow. You can apply for home improvement loan as energy saving plans include in this. Nowadays, few online lenders even provide funds beyond credit score status constraint such as British Lenders. In fact, they provide loans with no credit check from direct lender in the UK without any obligation demand of collateral and guarantor.

The benefits are –

  • Reduced risk of scalding elderly or children
  • Lower gas and electricity bills
  • Save big money annually

3.Reduce the phantom load by using a power strip

Phantom load is the electricity that your devices consume despite being turned off or on standby mode. This means you pay for the electricity that you are not using actually. For instance – tablets, computers, televisions and other appliances (toaster etc.) keep using the energy.

The power strips turn off the flow of this phantom energy and save precious pennies on the electricity bills. They are inexpensive and easily available. Try them and you are sure to feel the huge difference.

The prime benefits of using power strips are –

  • Prevent the power surges/lightening in electronic devices
  • Reduce electricity bill
  • Reduce overall consumption costs

4.Replace the furnace filter

It is necessary to replace the furnace filter in every three to four months. However, the type of filter also affects the replacement need. The clean filter helps in efficient working of HVAC (Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning) unit. Usually you have to do this in rental homes, as normally this aspect is not treated with much interest.

How does a fresh furnace filter helps?

  • Ensures the distribution of clean air in the home
  • As expected, lessens the expenses on utility bills

5.Go for energy efficient bulbs and lights

This is very basic but has a big impact in your daily energy consumption. LED or CFL light bulb always comes as the vital advice when it comes to reducing the use of energy. The costs however are a bit higher but the benefits that come in future are certainly long-term and promising. They are energy efficient and stay for long.

These bulbs ….

  • Significantly last longer than the traditional bulbs
  • Save energy and helps to save precious pennies.

6.Get a humidifier

Both property owners and tenants can agree on the importance of humidifier. It keeps the humidity level constant, which controls the temperature. This is not only good in winters but also in every season. Besides, good for your health as you feel warm but not hot. You can turn down the thermostat, which again saves more money. Some HVAC units already have built-in humidifier; if it is not present in yours then buy it.

Humidifier helps in –

  • Lowers the heat setting on the HVAC unit, reducing the energy consumption
  • Improves health by adding right amount of humidity

7.Clean refrigerator coils

Sometimes the rental homes do not have top quality appliances. This can make you spend huge money on electricity later. Not need to mention that the refrigerators are among the biggest energy hogs. The coils on the back of the fridge may get covered with dust. Clean these coils as it saves electricity consumption by refrigerator. This helps in –

  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Make the fridge work more quietly
  • Extend the longevity

Many small things act big and promising to save a good amount of energy. A big amount of monthly income goes on bills. Your rental home will never be a burden if you follow smart ways of living that save energy. They help you have a life that is prosperous and peaceful.

Description – The energy saving tips can help you lessen your living costs in a rental home. Also, you get prevention from health hazards. Smart living takes nothing but few smart ideas.

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