Top 10 Most colorful Cities in the World

Here from the tenth to the first position the Top 10 of the most colorful and evocative cities in the world,

  1. Buenos Aires (Argentina)

For those who decide to fly to Buenos Aires , the barrio of Boca is an irreparable step: this district is not only famous for being the “home” of the tango , but also for its characteristic houses, painted in 800 with the residues waste of colors used to paint boats .

  1. San Francisco (USA)

Painted Ladies is the name given by the inhabitants of the Californian city to this avenue of Victorian houses built between ‘800 and’ 900 in the district of Lower Height.

  1. Juzcar (Spain)

The small village of Andalusia (220 inhabitants) is the youngest “colored” locality in the ranking: the blue color of its houses dates back to 2012 when Sony producers convinced the citizens of the city to color all the buildings of the village (church included) to turn it into the set of the film of  The Smurfs .

  1. San Juan (Puerto Rico)

Such is the variety of colors that are found in the old city of the Puerto Rican capital that its inhabitants are pushing to maintain that the colors of the buildings are never repeated. Do you want to find out if they are right? Take the first economic flight to San Juan!

  1. Jaipur (India)

The shades of pink that characterize the buildings of the Indian state capital of Rajasthan are owed to the Maharaja Ram Singh , who in 1876 decided to repaint the city with the colors of hospitality to welcome King Edward VII of Wales to visit the city Jaipur is also famous as Pink City of India.

  1. Cape Town (South Africa)

Ex-ghetto of Malaysian slaves at the time of Dutch colonization, Bo-Kaap is today the colorful and multicultural district full of life in the South African city.

  1. Wroclaw (Poland)

For lovers of colors who want to indulge in a city ​​break in the Old Continent, the most recommended destination is certainly the Polish Wroclaw (“Wroclaw” in Polish), one of the most colorful cities in Europe .

  1. Burano (Venice, Italy)

The enchanting and colorful archipelago of the Venetian lagoon could not miss on the podium, where the choice of the color of each house passes through a special authorization from the local authorities, which each time provide a list of the colors that can be used.

  1. Chefchouen (Morocco)

The Blue City of Morocco is one of the most fascinating destinations in the Maghreb country. The houses of Chefchouen were painted blue, the color of God and of paradise, by the Jewish refugees of the 1930s and the tradition continues even now.

  1. Procida (Naples, Italy)

The small island a few kilometers from Naples wins this special ranking thanks to the wonderful pastel colors of its houses, mixed with the blue of the sky and the sea. A truly unique triumph of colors.

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