Top 5 Reasons You Should Study International Relations

Once you finish school and opt for higher studies, there are innumerable courses to pursue and add wings to your career, as it is known, there is a right course of study for everyone.

When studying International Relations is considered, one can excel & grow great potential with this course in Bachelor’s or Masters. It will nourish you with great knowledge of political affairs, law, social issues, public policies, and economic trends. One can get real potential with all the topics and create a strong base. But with this vast in-depth knowledge, where will one end up in career prospects? Let’s have a look.

1) A Diplomat – The Bridge Between Nations

If you have a diplomatic mind, this career is probably the best option available for you, securing a work at country’s foreign service, working as a think tank. It is an evolving study of course where a whole nation’s interest will be represented and as well as secured by you. One might spend from three to four years in a foreign country acting as a bridge in regards to the terms of trade and politics of the two nation, one you are representing and another is where are you situated. You will cover the important elements of a country such as commerce, economics and as well as peace and war issues will be also discussed by you with the local government. International schools in India will shape you up and nourish you with everything needed to make you good enough to represent the nation, maintaining good relationships with countries.

2) Lobbyist- Influencing Law in Favour.

A legislator is a person who makes laws for a nation, being a member of a legislative body. A lobbyist is a person who is hired by an NGO or corporation to convince government members and legislators to influence a law in favor of the organization. One needs to research legislation and keep in touch with the government policymakers to promote ideas to people by communicating. One might get to work with organizations like the Red Cross.

3) Intelligence Specialist- Securing National Interest.

International Relation Courses in Delhi NCR might lead you to the most elite intelligence service, RAW. As an Intelligence specialist, one needs to analyze operational data of a country, conducting reports of the mission evaluating all the positive and negative aspects of the situation. One can work with the navy, army, security departments, and government agencies. One needs to study the intelligence database and files preparing statistical data and graphical reports.

4) Communication Specialist- Emphasising a better world network.

As a communication specialist one will get the global reach while situated in a local office working with NGOs operating at the international level of interests, creating strategies to affect international communication amongst the nations.

5) Political Analyst- Emphasising the political situations

You will be hired by the government itself to analyze the political climate of the nation. Working on the development of political circumstances and interpreting tough situations, evaluating laws and decisions of the government. You will also need to advise the government and other political parties and will get an opportunity to make a huge impact on the media by your evaluations, forecasting political trends.

International Relation is a very potential topic to study on, to level up your potentiality and make a huge impact on your nation, taking a step forward. International Relation Schools in India will help you shine.

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