Top Courses to Study Masters in USA for International Students

USA has always been a favorite of international students studying abroad. The Universities offer the best of the education and after study opportunities once you have graduated are practically endless. There are more than 100 top ranked universities in the USA, making it the best of the world. No matter what stream you are from, be it science, commerce or arts, there is something great for everyone. Here are the top courses, which USA is most known for:

Business and MBA Courses in USA:

If there is one course that can define the overseas education in the USA, that is MBA. A 20% of the total international students applying to study Masters in USA are for the MBA and other business related courses. There are a number of universities and business schools in the USA that are ranked by the Financial Times and the Economist. Top of them are Harvard Business School, Wharton School of Business, and Columbia Business School.

Courses for STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics

STEM courses are not only highly sought after courses, but they are the most rewarding courses to study in USA, also. The STEM universities like The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford University are two of the top ranked universities of the world, not only the USA. They offer research facilities that are pioneer for the world, and the innovation and research in the universities are world-leading in many ways. The courses from the country also lead to some of the highest paying jobs, too.

Computer Science and Information Technology in USA

A subcategory of the STEM subjects, the computer science and information technology are some of the best courses offered by United States, actually more than MBA. 30% of the total students studying in the USA are from the Information Technology and Computer Science. Again, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, Harvard University and the California Institute of Technology are some of the best in the world for the said courses.

Study Social Sciences in US Universities:

Another popular course among the international students going to the USA for post-graduation is social sciences. The students can opt for specializations like Geography, Archaeology, Anthropology, law and human sciences, Economics, political science, psychology, journalism, etc. Not also the education, USA has a large amount of opportunities in the above mentioned fields. Top schools for social sciences in USA are Yale University, University of California Berkeley, MIT, Stanford University and Harvard University.

Biology and Life Sciences in the US:

Studying life sciences involve living organisms like plants, animals, microorganisms, and humans. The US courses for Biology and Life Sciences are generally for four years. These courses also have lab components. The career after these courses include the fields of research, healthcare and education. There are other numerous opportunities, too, and the USA is a perfect place to be for the course. Apart from the obvious universities that are mentioned above, the top universities to study life sciences and biology are the University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University, University of Chicago and Princeton University.

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