Top exercises to get your body in shape faster

Good living is all about holistic wellbeing that ensures mental and physical fitness and keeps ailments at bay. Time and health are two precious assets of our lives that we often ignore. We do not recognise time and health and that it is being depleted day by day. When it comes to our health, we tend to postpone some important decisions until it becomes highly imperative that we take medical help. But why to reach that extent? Why to go to the doctors to get back into shape?

Obesity is one of the major factors influencing everybody today. You simply cannot escape it. Being healthy and staying is not a fad or a trend anymore. It is one’s choice to stay healthier and fitter each day. It will do well to you if you take utmost care of your body and organs – they will surely return the love to you in your older age. Also you can do yoga and take online yoga classes using Curefit Offers with discounted prices.

Fit and fab –

Being healthy and leading a healthy lifestyle is what should be your main concern. Given the rise in sedentary lifestyles, increased rate of junk food intake, adding unnecessary calories to your diet; will fetch you nothing. It is only rising and influencing factors such as diabetes, higher blood pressure levels, increasing thyroid and cholesterol levels in your body. Minus all these, with such unhealthy lifestyle, rise in the number of cases of infertility is also increasing. Every day’s work stress and many other such factors act as a villain in our lives. They contribute to illness and diseases and lowering our immunity. However, it is not only in bigger or urban or semi-rural cities that healthy lifestyle and exercises are the main portions to be fit and healthy. Not just for bringing about physical changes in the body but also to gain confidence and mental health; exercises are the best.

A proper fitness routine and regular time being spent by performing various postures, you gain a good mental and physical health. This also reduces the stress levels in your body by keeping you fit and fab.

Here are some exercises that will keep you fit and healthy and in shape.

Summer are going to be here before you recognize it and that we hope you recognize however vital it’s to avoid crash diet and extreme workouts so as to urge in shape! The quicker you are attempting to lose the burden, the quicker it’ll return right back. So don’t wait, start today and get in shape for summer the healthy way.


We’re all accustomed to push-ups. But let’s combine it up a small amount of variation will not be bad. Try our side to side push ups for strong arms, forearms and biceps.


Healthy & Fit

As with all plank variations, you’re really working your core here. But with the leg raise, you’re giving that booty some extra love as well.


This is one of my favourite moves for a strong core and tight abs. bringing that knee to the elbow extremely works the perimeters of your waist.


Burn baby, burn! Not literally climbing the mountains but trying to do it through your exercise. This move is awesome for the abs and really kicks up the fat-burning cardio!


A strong back looks good and feels good! And don’t forget that the lower back is part of a strong core. With this pull, you’ve gotta get that strong back. You will also be in shape once you are able to pull this off with perfection. This is a bit tough one to do, however, if you get this right, you will surely keep your back straight and strong.


Lunges in general work a lot of muscles resulting in more calories burned! These side lunges work for your gluts, adductors, quadriceps, hamstrings, abductors and calves. You can also call it to be your core exercise.


Lunges of all sorts are amazing for strong legs and a nice butt. A curtsy lunge is also an excellent variation to actually build a powerful butt – “but” at the same time it also strengthens your calves muscles and butt muscles too. To keep in shape perform a set of Curtsy Lunges every day.


Leg strengthening and cardio in one movement! This exercise finds its manner into all my leg circuits. As mentioned before, these moves aren’t the sole resolution to urge in you in form for summer – however they’re going to help!

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