What is the Internet? 5 Core Questions Answered

Don’t you have a good knowledge about what is the Internet? Do you know how many people are online and what are they doing there? Hundreds of thousands of miles of cables connected to data centers support our way of life.

what is internet

1: What is the Internet?

A world’s largest computer network scattered all over the world running by governments, companies, colleges, universities and a plethora of other organizations to talk to one another with ease. The result is an extensive amount of cables, data centers, satellites, Wi-Fi routers and much more, allowing digital information to travel worldwide.

It’s contained countless web pages created by people and companies across the globe, making it a remarkable place to find out information and entertainment by spending only a second or two. Furthermore, the Internet also lets you order a weekly shop, share gorgeous moments of your life on social websites, email your loved ones and so much more fun.

2: What is the World Wide Web (WWW)?

The World Wide Web is a graphical interface which lets you view and share information. That information can be in a form of text, music, photos/videos or whatsoever, is written on web pages and served up through a web browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Opera Mini.

According to the survey, Google is managing around 40000 searches per second and has covered more than 60% global browser market via Chrome.

Be noted, WWW is different from the Internet, although so many people around think the WWW is the Internet. As mentioned above, the Internet is what connects your computer with others whereas WWW is what you’re viewing while looking at your browser.

3: What is a webpage or web page?

It’s a kind of document usually written in Hyper Text markup Internet browser. It can easily be accessed by entering a URL address and it may contain hyperlinks to other web pages, files, graphics or simple text. For instance, the page you’re reading is also a web page.

4: How many people are online?

Well, it entirely depends on how you measure it. According to International Telecommunications Union (a UN body), counts being online as how many people have used the Internet in last three months.

It means people who are living in a town having an Internet connection doesn’t mean they are using it. Considering this further, 48% of the global population (around 3.58 billion people) were online by the end of 2017. It’s most likely that the number would reach 3.8 billion or 49.2% before 2018 is out. And half of the world will be online in 2019.

5: What are they doing?

Perhaps the answer will be a mind-boggling for you. Based on several online sources, a minute on the Internet looks like 1.5 million Spotify songs, 4 million Google searches, 156 million emails, 29 million messages, 243000 images posted on Facebook, 65000 images put on Instagram, 87000 hours of Netflix and 2 million minutes of Skype calls. Moreover, Tumblr gets 25000 posts, Tinder gets 18000 matches and YouTube gets 400 hours of videos uploaded in a minute. The online sources further reveal, most common Internet traffic is video watched on websites, YouTube and Netflix.

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