Why choose a fully managed SEO service

Author: Josh Shankowsky

In the world of marketing the term “search engine optimization” (SEO) is synonymous. As more and more companies move from offline print advertising to the digital world getting your website on major search engines like Google is almost essential in getting business.

SEO is often simplified by the marketing gurus and translate it to, “we get your website ranked on Google so you get more sales”. This is mostly true but there is over 200 factors that play a role in getting your website ranked and of those factors there is 50 potential variations of each. Let’s do the math 50 x 200 = 10,000. That’s a heap load of ranking factors so there is no wonder a digital marketing guru would present it as simply getting your website ranked. Let’s take a quick look at some of the core things an SEO specialist would do for you and the benefits of choosing a fully managed SEO service.

Keyword Research

When the search engine robots crawl the web, they take the text on the website and look for important words that can relate the website to the word. We call these keywords. Many people will say, well my site website shows up on Google so that’s all I need. Not fully true! It may rank for the brand name but what about all the other terms associated with your industry or your services. Some of these key terms are optimal for your company. Hiring a SEO specialist will help you identify and optimize your website for these keywords to help you get ranked.

Content Creation

Once a specialist has analyzed your site, they will begin crafting content that fits your website. Using BERT guidelines (A new Google update) content creation will naturally add these keywords to your site in a way that is not considered spam and appear natural to the reader and search engines. Add too many keywords and it will be considered as keyword stuffing otherwise known as spamming keywords or add too little and your website may not get associated with the keyword you are targeting.

Web Design

User experience matters. When users can navigate your site with ease it will impact sales and SEO. Ultimately an SEO specialist will know how to create a proper linking structure that can guide search engine crawlers and customers through your sale process.

SEO Audit and Google Research

Everyone talks about Google in the SEO world and rightfully so they are the largest search engine in the world. Google and their video search engine, YouTube consistently surpass in getting more searches per day than a majority of their competitors. For this reason, it is important to adhere to their policies and procedures. A good search engine specialist will know how to navigate their strict guidelines and procedures.

Staying up to date

Following the policies of the search engines is important but what about when they update their algorithms in an attempt to create better results for the end user. Not only this a website that frequently updates signals to Google that your website is not abandoned and is being actively maintained for readers digest.

Scheduled Reporting

Many people think SEO is black magic so it is important to know what work is being done on your website. Search engines update on average every ten weeks so a weekly report may be pointless but having a report on the work being done on your site on a monthly basis shows that you’re getting the level of care you would expect from an SEO specialist.

Conclusion The digital world is a face paced environment and search engine optimization is no different. Finding an agency that is up that is dedicated to SEO and knowing all aspects will save you time, headache and drive more results than an unreliable freelancer. Outsourcing your marketing efforts will help you achieve a hassle-free campaign.

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