Why Circle is the all-time-favorite Shape of Logo Designers?

Basic geometric shapes are a recent trend in logo design industry and the most popular shape nowadays is still ‘circle’. Circle has always been a favorite of graphic designers and especially, logo designers. Famous brands like Pinterest, Starbucks, Chrome, and B.M.W. have used circle and their logos are quite effective. You can see that all these brands are from diverse businesses and a circle is representing all of them efficiently. There are several reasons for which a circle is often considered the best choice and this article is going to discuss those reasons in detail.
A circle is often linked with two essential ideas: progress, and beginning/origination. The two ideas are contradictory in their essence and yet, they are both associated with a circle because of two aspect of undisputable facts.On one hand, the shape is associated with the shape of earth and thus, represents association with origination. On the other hand, circle is the shape of a wheel that is the crucial element in machinery. It has also been used to represent stars and moon and the whole solar system. These reasons make circle a sign of progress and evolution.
However, both of these ideas a part of the reason that makes circle a choice of many brands. Let us discuss other major reasons in detail.


A circle is a versatile shape that can be used for many businesses. It can be molded to represent both soft and delicate, and solid and inflexible business images. It is enclosed that makes it solid and it has no corners that gives it a soft look.

Decorative and Aesthetic

A circular logo can be made to look aesthetically appealing as it gives the designer a lot of margin. A decorative circle logo can be designed in several different ways including the outlining technique where the initials of the brand or a monogram is bounded with the outlines of a circle, and the solid filled circle with the design on the outer side.

Minimal and Modern

Again, since circle has a bounded impact, it can be used for illustrating minimalistic designs. These simple yet elegant minimalistic ideas are considered modern because they are trending. They are good for fashion and clothing brands that want a stylish brand logo. These minimalistic circular logos can be made with several as well as mono-color schemes.

Sophisticated and Geometric

A circle is a clean and angle-free shape that makes it have a sophisticated and simple appearance. However, a circle has enough space and hold that it can reflect a geometric idea in a complex version as well. You can choose a circle to make a geometric design to reveal several business ideas at once within a limited space.

Nature and a Circle

Circle is often related with nature and we have already discussed above why it is associated with nature, because of the shapes of the planets, many fruits, and raindrops. However, this association gives a circle a lot of potential and allows the designer to be very creative. A circle can be used for conveying dual ideas where a secondary image is hidden in the primary design.

Circle is a good idea for making a logo whether you are going for free online logo maker or hiring a designer. However, you must take care of a few things before opting for a circular logo. Check that if a circle will be able to convey the values of your business properly. Also, observe keenly the design and check if it will be adjustable at different platforms including the digital and printing ones. Other than this, try to imagine the scaled version of the logo and check if it will be as effective in the smaller version. If the circular logo passes all of these measures, you can choose it without thinking twice.

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