Why Your Holden VY Commodore Needs A Bonnet Protector?

The VY Commodore by Holden, produced in Australia between 2002 and 2004, was all the rage. With its stylized front and back and interiors, the dual front airbags made it irresistible for a generation that wanted more than boring cars that were available in the market then. The entire sports body kit sports suspension added to its appeal. The curves at the front end gave way to a sharper and meaner look. A much welcome improvement over the VX. The projector headlamp was a smash hit with the audience.

For those curious about the bonnet, it was marked by pronounced lines that gave it a sharper look. Aficionados did not mind the light crease running through the center of the bonnet. The bonnet is a proper build up to the plastic flap, which was ergonomically designed for a smooth airflow over the windscreen. The mirror had a new wing shape.

High series cars (Berlina and Calais) get a different headlight design, which includes a projector headlamp with chrome bezel.

At the back, of course, there was the new chiseled look, and angular boot over and triangle-shaped lights. Talk about the mean look again! While the changes on the exterior were hard to miss, one would also be in awe of the interiors. With a Satin chrome framing the center console, a nice and large radio cabinet, and the AC dials, it brought the reason for cheer.

The VY Commodore has ‘sporty’ written all over it. Even the colors didn’t shy away from taking a bold form. The glitches with the steering system are gone, thanks to much-needed changes.

Speaking of the engine, it is a Gen II V8, which adds 10 kilowatts. The prices are, of course, a bonus. In short, the VY has most of the updates that left the VX feeling incomplete. Holden clearly has its ears to the ground.

Now, if you are one of those who own a VY Commodore by Holden, it is advisable that you add some extra protection to your car by getting a VY Commodore bonnet protector. Here is why:

#1. It Protects The Bonnet

It protects from small stones pieces that may leave the VY Commodore bonnet damaged with scratches.

#2. Prevents Paint Peel Off

The bonnet protector, when wet, does not peel off a shade of paint from the bonnet. In addition, it protects your VY Commodore bonnet and your car from serious damage of many sorts.

#3. Affordable

If you are looking to buy a car bra (bonnet bra), these products are expensive to start with. A bonnet protector, on the other hand, is an affordable solution. You can avail protection at a good rate. Money won’t be any issues when you consider the solid protection it offers to your car and the bonnet. A VY Commodore bonnet protector, all said and done, is a great investment.

#4. Keeps Bugs Away

When driving through the outback, or off the road, or even the freeway, bugs of all sorts are a real problem. While you can wipe them off the windshield, they are extremely bad for the bonnet. A bonnet protector keeps your car safe from such critters.

#5. Aerodynamic

The wayVY Commodore bonnet protectors are designed; they are meant to enhance the aerodynamic qualities of the front of your car. It pushes the incoming air stream higher, reducing the drag and the resistance on the windshield. Your car looks stylish with color coordinated protectors.

To Sum Up

The VY Commodore bonnetby Holden is certainly an asset for the car. So, when you have invested so much in buying the right kind of car, it only makes sense to invest a bit more. You need to ensure that it stays protected and lasts long. Further, by keeping it protected with a bonnet hood, you are saving money that you would have had to spend on maintenance from wear and tear and paint jobs.

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